Saturday, November 5, 2011

R.I.P, Rooney

I become nostalgic far too easily. Today, one of my favorite essayists passed on. Like most military children, I have always and continue to watch the news too much. It is not abnormal to walk into any area on any base and find the television turned to Fox News. The military tends to be overtly political and mostly conservative. I have always been the antithesis of conservative. I am, however, conservative in dress but that is about it.

Andy Rooney was a great thinker. I used to look forward to the end of each 60 Minutes' broadcast to hear his rants and thoughts on random subjects. He fascinated me--for whatever reason--probably because I found the show so boring as a child and maybe because I am a dork, but it will be different to not have the Rooney perspective in my life anymore.

Kim Kardashian will not go away! I do not understand how anyone can be captivated by anything other than her beauty and style because she, in my opinion, lacks morals that were at one time preserved for marriage. Homosexuals have endured the struggle to receive the right for lifelong partnerships and inheritance rights and yet Kim Kardashian had the "Fairytale Wedding," that continues to air, despite filing divorrce documents 72 days into the partnership.

Kim's Fairtytale Wedding should have been appropriately named Kim's 18 million dollar wedding business deal. It is sad that a society with such a high divorce rate still gushes over the sight of a beautiful heterosexual couple marrying. It is boring. It has been done and fairytales are morbid and rarely have happy endings.

The real issues, such as heterosexuals being granted the right to marry, can be resolved; if we were only to petition as the one woman who crushed the greedy corporations' dream of charging their customers monthly withdrawl fees.

End corporate greed and legalize marriage for those partnerships that are not made-for-tv and that have lasted longer than 72 days but happen to have homosexuals in place of the heterosexuals that can marry multiple times in any of the 50 states.

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