Monday, May 23, 2011

Business versus the Presidency

Education is a lie, for the same reason that Donald Trump supposedly decided against running for President in 2012: business is his true aspiration. Even though I believe it was simply a "save" for him when discredited by Obama's birth certificate and the killing of bin Laden,  business--indeed-- is very lucrative.

I once dedicated myself to reading only the business section of the newspaper and the study of success. As consumers, we are encouraged to buy but not to produce. We consume television but do not create our own vlogs. We read books, but do not write. This is what tightens the grip on our wallets.

Note to capitalists everywhere: produce your own materials. As much of it as you can. If you can grow your own food, start a garden. There are so many creative minds that are not using their potential. Find a way to start a business and bypass higher education. The debt of a failed business in a capitalistic society is worth more than the debt of higher education loans.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Learn a language

Education is a lie: learn a language instead. I have been talking to someone who is unemployed, as I am and has been conscientiously seeking employment--as I am. She has been applying to Delta Airlines and other airlines. The irony is that the language requirement is for Asian languages. Asian languages have a completely different writing system and is not close to the Germanic and Romantic languages that English most closely resembles. I am for education but I question the legality of any corporation discriminating against English speakers in The United States of America. Language interpretors are employed in the so-called "Justice" system and corporations should be required to uphold the same standards. If the job requires an Asian language, they should have Asian language interpretors. Asian languages are usually not offered as part of the U.S. teaching curriculum. It is therefore unfair to ask of any American to have knowledge in such languages. This gives those with the money for private schooling and private lessons an advantage over those in poor areas. In my opinion, it implies that one is Asian. It is amazing that immigrants can come to America, never speak English and become very successful business owners, but Americans--born in the largely monolingual country and with English fluency--cannot find employment. Skip college and invest in a language school or encourage children to participate in a foreign exchange program. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We Are All Racists

The other system. Being that we live in a capitalistic society, we are all capitalists and being that said country was founded on racism, we too, are all racists. Too many people still fear being called a racist and argue against being called one, but the reality of it all is: racist have and will always fare very well in The United States of America. I am reading the book, "The Warmth of Other Sons," by Isabel Wilkerson. It traces the migration of African-Americans from the South to the North, predominantly, and to the West. It reminds me of the power of racism.

Historically, divide and conquer was used with people of color: Asians versus Latinos, Latinos vs African-Americans and so on; but in the book, it mentioned the immigrants from Europe. These immigrants were not always welcomed in the U.S.--yes, the American Caucasians were racist against, them, too. Therefore, immigrants were in the racist system and the longer they remained in the system, the more respect they earned. I am never surprised by racism. I am shocked by the people who are not racist. It is hard to be in a system and recognize how it works but there are exceptional people who defy their environment and make changes in this world. I hope that we all are or  become the exception, rather than the rule.  

My hope for Obama was to be such a person because African-Americans only truly became citizens of the United States of America with the passing of the 15th Amendment in 1965 and yet he was voted by Americans to run the country. After the struggles of all American people, things remain the same: we are giving more freedoms to corporations--with all of their money, they are the real runners of the government-- women are still payed less of the weak dollar than men, and we are at war.

No one reads--except for you all, so... thanks. I have thought about giving up this blog and posting a blog with the herd (sheep) culture in mind where I have all of these cool clothes (aiding consumerism) and I take these pictures that highlight my figure and appeal to men (degrading myself and treating myself as a sex object) and then I get on Facebook, Twitter and every other social network to promote myself--shamelessly. That was a bad joke.

In my next life--and blog--I will be all boobs and butt, but until then, as always, I will be the black sheep.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Do Not Wait To Express Your Feelings

Education is a lie, of course. Caveat: do not waste your money on higher education, create a holiday instead. Holidays are big business for Capitalists. Valentine's Day, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo--yes, even holidays that have nothing to do with our country and that even an "educated" person, such as myself, does not understand. We find justifications to celebrate.  The definition of celebrate here is spend money and overindulge in food and beverages. We wait for those special occasions to spend money on cards, flowers, dinner and so forth and express how much we love the recipient. 

Mother's Day was yesterday. It is bittersweet for me. I am grateful that I have my mother and my grandmother but I think about my friend's child and it makes me depressed. My friend passed away at a young age. Her daughter is in Elementary School and being that children socialize and some teachers integrate such times into their lessons, I wonder what she will say when asked about her Mother's Day. She is being raised by the same woman who raised her mom, but, being that I am still very emotional over her mother's passing--which happened over two years ago--I wonder how she feels and responds to such questions.

Dealing with loss and grief is what should be taught in schools and from a very early age. Death is still considered a very taboo subject but it is inevitable. Anything that is living or has lived will die. Loved ones, pets, plants and people pretend that it only happens on television and in books. I think that it is a good idea to use television and books as part of the curriculum, to make it less personal, but we need people of all ages to expect and cope with death.

The death of Bin Laden is probably being discussed heavily but with a certain bias. As evil as Bin Laden was, we also have to teach that his supporters will probably mourn his death and seek revenge. We have to discuss these issues critically because being that death is taboo, some may be too afraid to post their questions.

This being said, I would like to create a holiday. I think that my holiday should be Common Sense Day and people can pay me and take me out to give them the most basic of information and help them to think logically. I will create some kind of toys and candy to associate with it, alcohol and foods to celebrate with and find sponsors to advertise it. Only joking. I hope that anyone who reads this does not wait until a special occasion to tell someone that they are loved or to give them a gift--even if it is a wildflower picked from a public street (that way it is legal).  

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Exit Strategy

Will the killing of Bin Laden be our exit strategy to the War on Terror? I hope so, but I highly doubt it.
Afghanistan is the longest lasting war in U.S. history. We remain in Iraq and in lesser publicized countries in The Middle East and there seems to be no one advocating peace. Education is a lie. We resort to violence instead of using diplomacy.

Bin Laden was a dangerous man. I became familiar with his name in 1996. Being in a military atmosphere, security was always a major concern for us living overseas. It bordered on paranoia. I often think that I could possibly have PTSD or some other disorder because the fear of attack was put in me: defensive pessimism.

Such threats were real but it didn't seem to be propagated by the news media back then. It was mentioned--fleetingly--and then forgotten. I could not forget because of all of the restrictions and precautions put on us. I will not mention them and I was disgusted that a newspaper disclosed what I would have considered guarded information publicly. I was scared of all of the bad guys since then.

I hope that peace arrives soon. The people of Afghanistan who are in their 30s have never known a time without war. That is a scary thought: generations of people for whom peace is a distant memory--or has never existed.