Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where it goes wrong

"I understand their frustration" that is the indifference that the protesters are being met with and for good reason. It is not that I am against their cause or the many causes that they do have, it is just that it lacks organization, and will continue to be ineffective unless they use the same tools that are used by those who they are challenging. I cannot find an eloquent way of saying what I mean, but I do know this: the corporate media will not provide fair coverage of anyone who is against them. Why should they? This aids the consensus that the "occupiers" have no cause. We are not victims. We should not allow them to take that power away from us. Our message has to be in writing--first and foremost. Twitter and other social media sites are now being utilized to get the message across; however, the petition that was started against Bank of America is the form of protest that others successfully engaged in. It is the study of structure. This is where history--one of my favorite topics--is valuable. Writing is legally binding. Corporations love to have privacy policies and contracts. A petition and other forms of grass roots movements are what will protect innocent citizens and should be taken into account by a Democratic government. Injustice is all too familiar throughout the history of the world. The United States issued a formal apology for slavery. What does that mean? That means they admit to wrongdoing, but where are those poor communities of African-Americans asking for reparations to the ghettos and other community based forms of aid for the injustice that was slavery and the ugly legacy that accounts for some of the social conditions that were the results. Homosexuals finally gained the recognition that hate crimes have been committed against them. This demonstrates that they were treated as second class citizens. This can strengthen the argument for equality in an egalitarian society. I am frustrated. I am and I am apathetic, too because I write to my government officials, but I do not feel as though the people who are out there wasting their time protesting do. I refuse to protest. It is dangerous and I do not need a criminal record for a cause that will only seemingly send me to jail. The largest worldwide protests were against the war in Iraq and troops remain in that country. I am a one woman Army. Just playing. I just write like I am because I am pretty chicken. I am too cautious to do much of anything other than write it out, but I hope someone does something soon because the protests aren't working.

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