Friday, November 18, 2011

Get With The System

Despite the corporate media's feigned ignorance as to what exactly the occupy movement is about, the protestors do have several legitimate causes, however, the poor organization and the media's use of framing has rendered the movement pointless. It is not pointless, but it is ineffective.

A brief lesson in history: money makes the world go around. That is the basic rule of capitalism. The second rule is that it is greatly to our advantage that we can now commoditize and capitalize off of ourselves--insert a picture of Kim Kardashian and Rebecca Black. The system is now bigger than ever. We are living in the computer system and it connects people further and faster than anytime in history. We must think differently. The governmnet and corporations are indifferent to the movement. It is getting people arrested and hurt. I want the best for my country, too, but I think the occupiers need to try new tactics.

Money is the only reason that the once ostracized have been included into mainstream society. They may remain social pariahs but their money is green and that is the only color that matters to them. The more green backs that are in your pocket, the more accessible the private societies and private memberships.

I cannot stress enough that the only reason that desegregation occurred was the loss of money during the public transportation boycotts by African-Americans. African-Americans walked miles to demonstrate that they would no longer be subjected to Jim Crow and other oppressive laws and measures. The Americans with Disabilites Act directly was passed to fatten wallets. Making places accessible to the disabled allowed them to get out and spend money. That is the reason for some proponents of gay marriage--they would have lavish weddings, and women in the workplace--they would have a disposable income separate from their spouse or parents.

The exploitation of privacy is very popular today; whether it is reality tv, or a blog full of thoughts we are sharing more than ever and commoditizing off of ourselves. The Kardashians are a brand. Rebecca Black is more popular that some artists that are signed to well-known labels and most of us have the tools to make it happen: the internet, a computer, a phone or a digital camera.

Those who are 'frustrated'--the label that is usually reserved for the prostestors must get with the system. Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools are at times more effecient and effective than protesting, which has only served to get those people participating hurt of arrested.

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