Thursday, June 23, 2011


Education is a lie: mediocre talent often yields incredible wealth. Britney Spears is the first name that comes to mind but these talents are plentiful. I grew up listening to talented singers but Britney Spears--known mostly for her lip synching and dance moves, continues to captivate fans. I enjoy her music but I use her to demonstrate that you do not have to be the best; you have to have the best commercial packaging. George W. Bush is another excellent example. Bush was inarticulate, he would often resort to humor under dire circumstances, and his pronunciation and misuse of words sometimes had people laughing at him. The comedian Chris Rock even joked that "a C student can become President". The system is up and running and until it is broken, education will remain neglected and underrated.

I was happy to discover that the United Nations has finally recognized Homosexuals' rights. This is long overdue. I am glad that progress has arrived. I hope that humanity teaches us additional lessons in order for us all to coexist peacefully.

Today was also the day that President Obama announced troop withdrawals in Afghanistan. It is unfortunate that souls were lost to these wars waged by the U.S. And other countries. The Western World is often regarded as modern and advanced but when we resort to war and violence, we regress to behaving in barbaric ways. We are capable of diplomacy and I hope that all countries continue to progress towards peace.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Education is a lie: "Work smarter, not harder".

I hate cliches and yet I always find myself resorting to the adages. I admit that I am guilty of bad writing. I can barely form a sentence, but that is not a problem, and that is why there is hope, people. Keep in mind that I have a Bachelor's degree. That should be a huge "f u" to the American Education system, but no one cares about education because all of the money is appropriated to wars.

Education is a lie! The new trend: get rich off of someone else. This does not require education, all that is needed is an idea and a strategy for it to materialize--preferably on the world wide web. Con artists have always known to appeal to the dreams and desires of the person being conned. Beware of who you trust because it could unknowingly be occurring to you, too.

The greatest tactic to get rich off of another person is to play up their vanity, have them submit things that are of interest to the general public for a blog, and make that blog into a book! I used to visit a website that included pictures of some of the most fattening foods in the world--some of these coming from the imaginations of people who seemed to be trying to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most calories in a dish kind of foods--that some people actually eat and some restaurants actually include on the menu. That blog no longer exists because it was made into a book.

I do not have a problem with this, but I believe that each user should receive some of the royalties. I am unsure of whether the people who submitted the content were aware that they were going to help someone capitalize off of them, but this somehow seems unfair. Didn't they steal intellectual property? I do not know. It is a recession and I will gladly go to the public library and check out that book.

Some accuse Frank from of doing this, too, but I will defend Frank's honor and integrity because he has a very important cause behind his website. I do not believe that some of the other blogs that have done this have a cause--other than money.

Unrelated, but equally important, is the recent media attention directed at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Honolulu International Airport had a string of firings because the TSA people were not doing their job. They were not checking luggage and it should be an embarrassment to the Agency and the State. Susie Castillo mentioned how invasive of privacy the pat downs are on Democracy Now. I, too, have routinely been subjected to pat downs. I opt out of the machine because I have a weak immune system and with the additional radiation from Japan, I cannot afford to get any weaker. I have had women touch my genitals. It is disgusting and degrading. It left me in tears. The person I was flying with is always my witness. He tried to film the pat down but was told he could not do that. Democracy Now said it violates our 4th Amendment right and I believe it violates human dignity. I have been flying since I was five years old. I have been to every continent except for South America and Antarctica.  I follow the rules and regulations but flying is such a hassle that I no longer enjoy traveling--well, atleast the process.

I hope you all are well and thanks to anyone who reads any of these rants. . .random thoughts. . .

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Education is a lie: child stars

In Chris Brown's song, "Look At Me Now," he says, "I get what you get in ten years, in two days." Wouldn't life be a lot easier if we were only so fortunate? Talent, as I have mentioned on several posts, is a means of making more money than any graduate degree. It does not even have to be considered traditional talent anymore: Snooki and other reality stars. My advice is this: prep yourself and your children to be talented.

The Jackson Five, The Olson Twins, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber,  and countless other stars are richer than their own parents and the majority of people with graduate degrees. Why receive financial aid or any other form of financial assistance/debt if the return is not equal or greater to the investment?

Facebook is, to the best of my knowledge, the biggest social-networking site on Earth. Does anyone believe that Zuckerberg rushed back to college? I don't think so. Education is a lie, so please save your money and invest in yourself. If, however, you are offered a scholarship or you happen to be wealthy, enjoy your college or university experience. 

 I cannot think today. I am upset at Weiner. I don't understand this youth culture that has grown men taking shirtless pictures in the mirror and sexting. It is quite unsettling to me because this is the new, high-tech way of cheating and it displays the immaturity of men who are supposedly representing our nation.

Tracy Morgan's homophobic remarks were disgusting. Instead of allowing such ignorance to be debated--everyone in the U.S. knows that we all have freedom of speech and so on--I would appreciate a critical discussion of why this cannot be tolerated. He advocated violence against homosexual males. It is important for us to hear from survivors of hate crimes and the programs that we are using to quell such hatred and violence. People must realize that they all know someone gay, they just haven't come out yet. Some may go a lifetime with that secret and I, as one person, will not tolerate it. It is a direct insult against humanity, as are racial slurs.

The Hangover 2 was not funny. The writers had to resort to racist jokes in order to have content to fill the screen time. It was disgusting to hear the n-word in the music and used by the actors in the film. Did people of African ancestry abdicate their right to be offended by the word that is rooted in a racist history? Are racist jokes funny? I did not appreciate the Asian jokes either. They should have stopped with the first one. I have always been ambivalent about sequels.

Hope is still alive. If I were rearing a child, or in a position of power to give advice, I would tell anyone who listens that education is a lie.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Education is a lie: invest in beauty

As ignorant as the title seems, Gisele Bundchen is set to become the first supermodel to become a self-made billionaire. Congratulations to her for having the desired DNA of her employers. Advertisers' message to society: it pays to be pretty; these products make her pretty, you can be pretty if you become more like her by buying our product and any other subconscious message that our brain can process from the image. After all, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Advertisers will try to extract those words that lead to longing and desire for whatever is being sold.

There is an emphasis on beauty that far outweighs the emphasis on intelligence, wisdom, wit and so forth. Gisele, however, is a smart woman. There was a rumor-- or maybe it is truth-- that due to the sharp decline of the U.S. dollar, she wanted to be paid in Euros. Smart and pretty. I would  suggest that she next time request to be paid in gold. *wink, wink*

I do not have a problem with the beauty industry. I appreciate all types of beauty. But I also think that a lot of women compromise themselves to look the way that is presented to them in the images, and neglect their personality. That is what bothers me. That the advertisers' success is so great that it makes for some otherwise good people to work on themselves from only one angle: externally.

Beauty, in a certain way, objectifies women. Beauty is the bane of females-- internationally. American magazines and television programs have their European, Asian, and other countries' counterparts. These images conjure the same message, without speaking. Images are processed and meaning is often not considered. At a glance or even a stare, we focus solely on the beauty.   

Men, for the most part, are not targeted in such a manner. This is not to say that there are not exceptions but only to demonstrate that the beauty industry can be very sexist too.

This is what I consider the greatest beauty industry and it starts at home: teach your children to have beautiful thoughts. Teach them that they are beautiful from the inside out, so they do not have the need to purchase things that will make them feel or be labeled pretty. Invest in art classes or another activity where one is able to create beauty and simultaneously be productive. Appreciate the beauty of nature and humanity because those require no money at all.   

The underlying message is this: people will pay for beauty. The great arts await and should be invested in. It will yield better results, in my opinion, if a child can paint, write, draw or have any other artistic ability--graphic design and others included, than to waste money on higher education.

Education is a lie: strive to become or emulate Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire. Even though she did attend a university, it was due to her media empire--and not her education-- that she was able to amass a fortune.

Oprah is immortal. Her legacy in the media remains with the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), despite her namesake television talk show ending.

Oprah equals success. Her influence is so powerful in the business world that it was dubbed: "The Oprah Effect". Oprah's audience is composed of the consumers that matters. When Oprah made negative comments about the beef industry, it subsequently suffered monetarily and sued Oprah. Oprah is synonymous with trustworthiness and quality. The two most powerful tools in word-of-mouth advertising.

We trusted Oprah's book choices, made wish lists after the revealing of her "favorite things" and purchased her magazine. I would argue that Oprah is one of the best brands in the world and that is what one should study.

Free advice to those who read: gain the trust of your audience and they will remain loyal until the ending.

What I will miss the most is that Oprah was a female that was intelligent. I once read that Cleopatra was regarded as beautiful due to her multiple language abilities and other smarts.

Oprah did not have to get wasted on tv like Snooki. She did not have to play up her sexuality, or reveal her genitals in a pornographic magazine. Oprah was liked for her intelligence, compassion and efforts to better humanity.

I watched the Oprah Winfrey show in five countries. I hope that with the tools available to us in the Information Age that there are many more great minds that mirror the sucess of Oprah Winfrey.