Monday, November 14, 2011

A Lucrative and Extremely Unregulated Profession

"Sex sells." That has been the slogan since the beginning of history. It is also referred to as "the oldest profession". However, here is what I have yet to understand about the sex industry: one can never be prescient enough to know the consequences of participating in the sex industry; drugs and alcohol are, seemingly, permitted on the job; no credit check or background investigation is conducted and it seems overwhelmingly in favor of men.

I have discussed prior to this entry that I am in favor of the sex industry if the participants have not been subjected to sexual abuse, an absent parent or parents, drug or alcohol abuse and any other social condition that would put them at a high-risk for entering the industry. I think people who are comfortable with their sexuality, not under the influence of any form of drug and fully aware of the labels that society usually reserves for people in such professions.

The consequences are sometimes cruel. Some feel as though sex industry workers lack morals and deserve to be called horrible names of what the job entails: promiscuity. It is their job to engage in sexual acts and intercourse for which they receive pay. Even though it is not their bodies and they should not be concerned, some feel that they are morally superior to those who are sex workers. The hypocrites--some of whom, I am sure, are more promiscuous and perverted than the industry, feign to be pious and prude as a Pilgrim.

There are some teens who dream big and go to Hollywood only to be seduced by the sex industry. California is the capital of pornography, but as Lisa Ling, on the Oprah Winfrey Network's "Our America" showcased, amateur filmmakers are now filming in their own homes. That show is very insightful and can be considered edutainment.

I do not know if there is drug and alcohol abuse but I have never seen the contract that one would sign to work in the industry. I am pretty sure that they hire without a drug test, or a credit check and experience level is not taken into consideration--and especially mental health is completely overlooked.

Males in porn never seem to have the same labels are the females. The double standard still applies that Ron Jeremy is a god and Sasha Grey is a whore. That seems very old-fashion but I believe it remains the status quo.

The backlash that Sasha Grey received for volunteering to read at an elementary school with "Read Across America is disheartening." I believe it was an honest, selfless gesture to do something great for kids. I was disgusted by those who were angered that she would do such a thing: that the actress would read.

Children love being read to. I still remember the books that my elementary teachers read to me: The Secret Garden, The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe and James and the Giant Peach. Children are non-judgemental. We can learn a lot from them and I am sure that they enjoyed having a celebrity guest take her time out to be with them.

The actress--who happened to be in adult film industry but should never be reduced to a sexual object--as the perverted parents and other adults have made her out to be. Did not seem to be participating in the program for publicity. I believe that if she wanted the publicity, she would have stated that she was going to read, received the backlash and then stepped down so that she would not be obligated to be in that classroom.

I would allow Sasha Grey to read to my future children because she is a volunteer who entered the classroom to read. Every parent should have parental control on their computers and televisions. I would not have to make her out to be anything other than a reader involved in a program that reads to children.

I am sure that Sasha Grey did a lot more than the lazy stay-at-home parents have done. It is sad that a young woman in her 20s is demonized by being passionate about education.

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