Sunday, November 6, 2011


Guests too easily wear out their welcome. It was a wise woman: my mother, who told me this but then completely confused me by inviting people to live at the house while she is gone and I am too sick to leave. Now it's another organ that is the problem and my doctors--with complete disregard of the Hippocratic Oath--continue to ignore my calls and have me waiting for care while my labs clearly demonstrate the deterioration of my condition. Sickness and digust with my doctors aside, I have the honor of offering anecdotal evidence of ignorance.

My house guest, a family member, mentioned a person in our family who is a homosexual. This guest then continued to say that the homosexual's mother cannot accept him because "it is wrong". I am supposed to be in a stress-free environment but this had me livid. The guest then went on to say that she was watching her preacher's sermon over the internet and that he was saying how "it was wrong" and that "it doesn't matter if Oprah is fine with it". It really saddened me. I felt sicker after hearing that such hate is being preached and the guest is too feeble-minded to think beyond what a dumb preacher says and the "word" of God.

I was so tempted to grin and say, "I'm gay" and wait for the awkward pause, and continue with, "in the other sense of the word." I hate that reductionism--especially from religion--has construed homosexuality to be solely about the physical relationship and not about the struggles that homosexuals have had to be regarded as members of society. I do not focus on the sex lives of heterosexuals, so I don't understand why these perverted "christians" are concerned with the intimate aspects of homosexuals' lives.

I believe homosexuality occurs in nature. What does God think about that--or we should wait and allow the preacher to speak on behalf of God and give us his interpretation that we blindly follow. I have known too many "christians" and believers of other faiths that are wrong too. 1.Hatred is a sin 2. Premarital sex is a sin 3.Cohabitation is a sin 4. Greed is a sin 5. Indulgence in food is a sin and therefore anyone with a weight problem in church is wrong, too. 6. Medicine is a sin because it has the potential to cause bodily harm and so forth.

Sometimes, being wrong is a good thing. My favorite part in this sad but true story is this: the house guest is a Dancing with the Stars fan and this person would vote for Chaz Bono! The guest then told me, "imagine if my preacher saw that I liked Chaz Bono on Facebook! What would he think?" I loved that hypocritical aspect of this person. What Would Jesus Do? There is a song by Miranda Lambert that says, "I heard Jesus he drank wine. . . and I bet he'd understand a heart like mine." That Jesus is my homeboy.

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