Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let Food Be Your Medicine

Except for apple and grape juices because they have lead and arsenic. It is nightmarish to think of the chemicals that are poisoning our food and drinking supplies. When that was reported on the news, I immediately thought of the children, the elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system. Someone has to do better because the FDA and anyone else who is liable apparently is not. There is really nothing exciting to report. I'm still unemployed. That alone is a conversation stopper. This blog will end soon, but the unemployment will be a lot harder to escape. This was an attempt to do something, but it is going nowhere. I'm usually not at a loss for words but my motivation has been dwindling lately. Cause number 1: unresolved health issues. No wonder they put the statement, "in sickness," in the marriage acceptance speech--whatever it is called. Sickness can change people. It is the chronic pain that is debilitating. It causes me to snap and not want to do anything but be alone. Cause number 2: unemployment. Money is a necessity. I am not one to want riches, I would only like to repay my mother, care for those that I love and help others. Helping others is the most rewarding. I get to start over tomorrow though and it should be better. I will attend a job fair and my fingers are crossed very tightly.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where it goes wrong

"I understand their frustration" that is the indifference that the protesters are being met with and for good reason. It is not that I am against their cause or the many causes that they do have, it is just that it lacks organization, and will continue to be ineffective unless they use the same tools that are used by those who they are challenging. I cannot find an eloquent way of saying what I mean, but I do know this: the corporate media will not provide fair coverage of anyone who is against them. Why should they? This aids the consensus that the "occupiers" have no cause. We are not victims. We should not allow them to take that power away from us. Our message has to be in writing--first and foremost. Twitter and other social media sites are now being utilized to get the message across; however, the petition that was started against Bank of America is the form of protest that others successfully engaged in. It is the study of structure. This is where history--one of my favorite topics--is valuable. Writing is legally binding. Corporations love to have privacy policies and contracts. A petition and other forms of grass roots movements are what will protect innocent citizens and should be taken into account by a Democratic government. Injustice is all too familiar throughout the history of the world. The United States issued a formal apology for slavery. What does that mean? That means they admit to wrongdoing, but where are those poor communities of African-Americans asking for reparations to the ghettos and other community based forms of aid for the injustice that was slavery and the ugly legacy that accounts for some of the social conditions that were the results. Homosexuals finally gained the recognition that hate crimes have been committed against them. This demonstrates that they were treated as second class citizens. This can strengthen the argument for equality in an egalitarian society. I am frustrated. I am and I am apathetic, too because I write to my government officials, but I do not feel as though the people who are out there wasting their time protesting do. I refuse to protest. It is dangerous and I do not need a criminal record for a cause that will only seemingly send me to jail. The largest worldwide protests were against the war in Iraq and troops remain in that country. I am a one woman Army. Just playing. I just write like I am because I am pretty chicken. I am too cautious to do much of anything other than write it out, but I hope someone does something soon because the protests aren't working.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Economically Insecure

Add that to my many insecurities. It is a term that I heard on the news today and decided to adopt to describe my life since graduating with a bachelor's degree--the degree that was supposedly going to give me so many opportunities. I am not bitter, though.

It is unfortunate that the economy is so bad that people do not have to boycott--unemployment makes them unwillingly do so. Unemployment is dangerous. I do not believe that artifacts show affection, but I have always enjoyed gift giving.

I think that some gifts are considerate and sentimental. Each gift that I have received has been treasured simply because it was given to me. Someone thought about me while making the purchase. That always makes me feel special. I, however, have to give my loving thoughts to those who are special to me. I know I sound like the biggest cheapskate but blame it on the economy. I really think I am funny at times, but I know it's corny.

Something I did not find funny was this: my house guest predicted that I am going to hell and so is everybody that I know who has not been saved by Jesus. All that I am saying is that Jesus knows where to find me.

There is a song by Genesis that says, "Jesus he knows me, and he knows I'm right. Been talkin' to Jesus all my life. . . he's been telling me that everything is going to be all right." That's my religion. I know where I'm going.

I resent those whose religious rhetoric serves to demonize me. The guest had the audacity to tell me that homosexuality was wrong! I digress: no person shall judge; hatred is wrong and making predictions are wrong, too. I do not need to hear that I am going to hell when I am sick. That is disgusting. The basest suggestion that I have ever heard and completely inaccurate. In order to make and maintain friendships, eschew the following topics: religion and politics.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


In the contemporary, Thanksgivings is regarded as the precursor to Black Friday. It is when Americans do what they do best: shop. The land of hoarders and endless storage units and yet, we continue to shop. I love being an American and we must laugh at ourselves.

I am thankful for Facebook. It demonstrates that the bullies and the popular kids in high school can grow up to be not so cute and that karma and irony truly exist. I had a medical problem that resulted in hair loss. A kid in my class used to tease me and call me baldy and Mr. Clean. I found him on Facebook and he has a hairline that has receded greatly! The kids that won the superlatives in the yearbook are no longer the "most captivating" as the title they once held. The campaign that says, "it does get better" is true. I'm sorry to say that in some circumstances, it is fun to laugh at those that once hurt/emotionally scarred you. It's very immature, but I will openly and honestly tell children that they may pick on you today, but ten or fifteen years from now, they may be in the position where you can laugh at them.

I am most thankful for love. Love can give one the strength to rival any adversities. I have an immediate family that has been with me for all of my years and gives me unconditional love and support. Love is healing and that is my goal in life: to give and receive love. Not like a hippie--for those who think that way.

I am thankful for so many things. Each breath, each day that I have with my loved ones still here with me; the loved ones that are always in my heart but that have passed on. Those who have been brave enough to make changes for civil rights, gay rights and any other cause that betters the lives of others. I am so very thankful that there is still time left for us to make the changes that we need in the world for humanity.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The state in which I live has a humongous homeless problem. I have even heard that there are agreements with this state to have homeless people from other states sent here on a one-way plane ticket. Why? As crazy and unbelievable as it may sound, the answer is *drumroll*: the weather. This climate is somehow conducive to living a lifestyle that somehow doesn't require shelter. I guess a few palm trees for shade, the wind for breeze and the ocean as a shower. I do not know, but what I do know is this: the strong survive.

I grew up in a very sheltered environment. On a military base everyone is accounted for with an identification card or a guest pass. There is no such thing as homelessness. There may be the occasional runaway, but they would not get too far before security found them and returned them home or wherever they belonged. It seems amazing that I was not fazed by the sight of barb-wire or guns but I had never heard of a homeless person and the concept was hard to grasp.

In fourth grade, my teacher mentioned homeless people and I wanted to take action to solve the issue. I couldn't imagine not having shelter. It was one of the most basic needs and to know that men, women and children lived on the streets made me disgusted. It still bothers me to this day but strangely enough, there are pretend homeless.

I have heard that there are people with lots and lots of money who beg for money instead of working. For some reason, such men approach me. A lot of eccentric people approach me but when someone has a large starbucks cup and asks me for a few dollars, that is a problem. When someone has a cardboard sign and his iphone, I find it hard to believe he is in dire need of money. What I always fail to understand is why they believe I can spare any change?! Do I look like Human Resources?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Get With The System

Despite the corporate media's feigned ignorance as to what exactly the occupy movement is about, the protestors do have several legitimate causes, however, the poor organization and the media's use of framing has rendered the movement pointless. It is not pointless, but it is ineffective.

A brief lesson in history: money makes the world go around. That is the basic rule of capitalism. The second rule is that it is greatly to our advantage that we can now commoditize and capitalize off of ourselves--insert a picture of Kim Kardashian and Rebecca Black. The system is now bigger than ever. We are living in the computer system and it connects people further and faster than anytime in history. We must think differently. The governmnet and corporations are indifferent to the movement. It is getting people arrested and hurt. I want the best for my country, too, but I think the occupiers need to try new tactics.

Money is the only reason that the once ostracized have been included into mainstream society. They may remain social pariahs but their money is green and that is the only color that matters to them. The more green backs that are in your pocket, the more accessible the private societies and private memberships.

I cannot stress enough that the only reason that desegregation occurred was the loss of money during the public transportation boycotts by African-Americans. African-Americans walked miles to demonstrate that they would no longer be subjected to Jim Crow and other oppressive laws and measures. The Americans with Disabilites Act directly was passed to fatten wallets. Making places accessible to the disabled allowed them to get out and spend money. That is the reason for some proponents of gay marriage--they would have lavish weddings, and women in the workplace--they would have a disposable income separate from their spouse or parents.

The exploitation of privacy is very popular today; whether it is reality tv, or a blog full of thoughts we are sharing more than ever and commoditizing off of ourselves. The Kardashians are a brand. Rebecca Black is more popular that some artists that are signed to well-known labels and most of us have the tools to make it happen: the internet, a computer, a phone or a digital camera.

Those who are 'frustrated'--the label that is usually reserved for the prostestors must get with the system. Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools are at times more effecient and effective than protesting, which has only served to get those people participating hurt of arrested.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Words One Cannot Say

I was wasting brain cells yesterday: watching the VH1 show, "Basketball Wives" when I noticed that Gloria Govan had used the n-word when referring to Matt Barnes. Gloria and Matt both appear to be part African-American but it was still shocking for me to hear her use that word because I find the word ugly.

The debate that Blacks have the right to use that word is logical, but I would caution against doing so. Blacks have had a history of using reverse meaning: Micheal Jackson's "bad", in fact, meant good. The profane slang, "I'm the s**t" is another example. This is something that is studied in the field of social linguistics. The N-word was used to degrade African-Americans and Tupac created an acronym--spelled differently and ending with an "a" Never Ignorant Getting Goal Accomplished. Tupac wanted to take the word and use it as a term of endearment: "that's my n***a".

This still cannot justify why one of the most popular people on youtube is named "niga high," he appears to be of Asian descent or why Kanye West--who seems to be unable to escape from any form of controversy--would ask a predominately White audience to use the N-word at one of his concerts. I think it is an ugly word and not everyone appreciates hearing it-- from a Black person's use of it, to any and every other race using it.

Some foreigners may hear the use of the word and believe it is not offensive and applicable to all Blacks. The word's racist origin and the hatred associated with the word is too powerful for some. Surprisingly, rappers and other artists do not have the poetic licensure to use the word White.

White has a legacy of being good, pure, and beautiful. The Japanese word for white means both clean and pretty. However, in a song by Kanye West, entitled, "All Falls Down," MTV and youtube will not allow Kanye to say, "a White man get[s] paid off of all of that" or Rage Against the Machine to say, "by wearing the badge they're the chosen Whites'" in "Killing in the Name," which I believe was written about the LA police department but is a recurring theme in history.

The movie, "J. Edgar Hoover" and the counter-intelligence program (cointelpro) should demonstrate the abuse of power and how government officials--who could only be White at that time-- were active participants in the KKK and openly racist. This, of course, is not true of all people and ideologies at the time, but in the aforementioned songs, that is what I believe the artists were communicating to their audience.

If a word has ever been offensive, there are chances that it remains offensive and I choose to be safe rather than sorry (abuse of idioms as usual).

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A New Breed

I read a lot of books on evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology. I think some things come very naturally to humans but there seems to be a new trend in Hollywood and in contemporary, mostly Westernized societies: the opportunistic male. Maybe he is a result of the recession, or the NBA lockout, I don't know where he came from, but I find him strange and unappealing.

I have nothing,so, thanfully, this man does not mooch off of me; but for any woman who does, he can be extremely dangerous. This, however, is not an excuse for a woman to receive the princess treatement. Women should take advantage of the opportunities available to advance in careers--especially fields like obstetrics and gynocolgy but also in male dominated fields that may overlook a female's perspective on important and life-altering issues.

The opportunistic male is in an untraditional role. These males may try to impregnate a woman to receive spousal support, fail to sign a prenuptial agreement in order to collect his wife's
assests if the marriage fails and some of these men are live-in boyfriends! These are male gold diggers! It is not that anyone would not take advantage of such a great opportunity but these men are capable of being successful but they choose to be pampered and it is very strange to me.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Lucrative and Extremely Unregulated Profession

"Sex sells." That has been the slogan since the beginning of history. It is also referred to as "the oldest profession". However, here is what I have yet to understand about the sex industry: one can never be prescient enough to know the consequences of participating in the sex industry; drugs and alcohol are, seemingly, permitted on the job; no credit check or background investigation is conducted and it seems overwhelmingly in favor of men.

I have discussed prior to this entry that I am in favor of the sex industry if the participants have not been subjected to sexual abuse, an absent parent or parents, drug or alcohol abuse and any other social condition that would put them at a high-risk for entering the industry. I think people who are comfortable with their sexuality, not under the influence of any form of drug and fully aware of the labels that society usually reserves for people in such professions.

The consequences are sometimes cruel. Some feel as though sex industry workers lack morals and deserve to be called horrible names of what the job entails: promiscuity. It is their job to engage in sexual acts and intercourse for which they receive pay. Even though it is not their bodies and they should not be concerned, some feel that they are morally superior to those who are sex workers. The hypocrites--some of whom, I am sure, are more promiscuous and perverted than the industry, feign to be pious and prude as a Pilgrim.

There are some teens who dream big and go to Hollywood only to be seduced by the sex industry. California is the capital of pornography, but as Lisa Ling, on the Oprah Winfrey Network's "Our America" showcased, amateur filmmakers are now filming in their own homes. That show is very insightful and can be considered edutainment.

I do not know if there is drug and alcohol abuse but I have never seen the contract that one would sign to work in the industry. I am pretty sure that they hire without a drug test, or a credit check and experience level is not taken into consideration--and especially mental health is completely overlooked.

Males in porn never seem to have the same labels are the females. The double standard still applies that Ron Jeremy is a god and Sasha Grey is a whore. That seems very old-fashion but I believe it remains the status quo.

The backlash that Sasha Grey received for volunteering to read at an elementary school with "Read Across America is disheartening." I believe it was an honest, selfless gesture to do something great for kids. I was disgusted by those who were angered that she would do such a thing: that the actress would read.

Children love being read to. I still remember the books that my elementary teachers read to me: The Secret Garden, The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe and James and the Giant Peach. Children are non-judgemental. We can learn a lot from them and I am sure that they enjoyed having a celebrity guest take her time out to be with them.

The actress--who happened to be in adult film industry but should never be reduced to a sexual object--as the perverted parents and other adults have made her out to be. Did not seem to be participating in the program for publicity. I believe that if she wanted the publicity, she would have stated that she was going to read, received the backlash and then stepped down so that she would not be obligated to be in that classroom.

I would allow Sasha Grey to read to my future children because she is a volunteer who entered the classroom to read. Every parent should have parental control on their computers and televisions. I would not have to make her out to be anything other than a reader involved in a program that reads to children.

I am sure that Sasha Grey did a lot more than the lazy stay-at-home parents have done. It is sad that a young woman in her 20s is demonized by being passionate about education.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You All

Happy Veteran's Day to all those who have served the U.S. Military! It is a milestone that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" has finally been repealed. Sadly, it is not that long ago that desegregation of the military occurred. It is important to continue to progress and remember the lessons that history teaches us all.

The military lifestyle--surprisingly--is exclusive. I was shocked that a casting call for a military wives' reality show was being held in California. The timing was bad because it coincided with the popular show, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'" spouse's suicide, but most importantly, at a time when suicide rates in the military were at an all-time high.

The military has protective security measures but some of their big-mouthed wives are unaware of this and will gladly offer too much information. I hope the show does not come to fruition. The entire reason there is a gate at each and every base is for privacy and protection.

The latest group in America to violate their own privacy are in Dearborn, Michigan and they will have a show on TLC. First, it was Sister Wives, then, it was My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and now it is the American Muslims. I fail to see anything that merits their differences other then their way of dress. There are American Buddhists, are they going to do a show on them too?

Americans are diverse. Relgion should never be exploited. The Muslims that I know are very open to educate me about their religion and that is the best way to learn and not through the edutainment of reality tv.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Travel Folder

While going through my papers--my feckless attempt at organizing them completely defies me--I came across all of the countries that I was supposed to travel to and Libya was one of them. It had been right after the embargo had been lifted; the U.S. and Libya were repairing their diplomatic ties and I wanted to see the Roman ruins, sand dunes and markets of this country that had been forbidden to me for twenty years.

Now, I feel like the song by the Bee Gees: "I'm going nowhere. Somebody help me." I have my passport ready, but travel is too expensive and now the entire Middle East seems in political situations which I would rather avoid. Therefore, I read. This social isolation and non-stop library obsession has made me into an even bigger dork than I have ever been.

It's embarrassing to always give information to people. I feel like a curator sometimes because I'm always researching or reading something. Whenever I do propose an idea, it is rejected.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Some people will ask that one respects their privacy, and I must emphasize people, because the most audacious thing that I have heard of is that corporations are now trying to seek the legal protection of the fourth amendment in order for the public to respect their so-called privacy.

What do they have to hide? Their name changes to aid deception? The large amounts of money received from corporate welfare? How much they did not pay in taxes? Their political and other powerful ties? Corporations are now able to donate to presidential campaigns--this is very dangerous and because corporate news stations will not report this, the public had not demanded that any action be taken against it.

I was watching the non-corporate news: Democracy Now and it stated that it is a state law in Ohio that the public vote can override the legislature. Isn't that democracy in it's closest definition of the word? The grass roots movement to transfer banks needs to happen on a larger scale: violate the privacy of the corporations.

I am for corporations that treat their workers and customers well but, for the most part, I believe the corporations who are so worried about privacy violations lack integrity and are worried that their wrongdoings will be exposed.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dedicated to the dreamers

My "healthcare" makes me feel completely worthless. I am not someone who likes hospitals and I had to go in the ER last night and hear of John Doe flatlining! I am a well wisher. I once read of spiritual insurance and that is what I do for each ambulance and each hospital patient. It makes me feel as though the power of good intention will supersede the disease.

On another note, I keep everything--hoarder! Just playing but I have almost every letter and note that was ever addressed to me. It started with an English teacher who told us to keep everything we write and I think that I literally have kept everything that I have written since then. I was going through my college papers and reviewing my transcripts and grades from elementary school. All of those deadlines and good grades have come to mean nothing. The Dean's list, honor society and everything else is not applicable to reality. Do well--by all means--but do it for yourself. I am a perfectionist and I had tried to satisfy perfection and mastery of materials. However, it was mostly done through rote memorization.

I also dug up some magazine articles that I had ripped out. I had fashion, health, travel, home and so on. Seeing what I had taken from these magazines reminded me of my purpose in life. I have always wanted to travel and I have always wanted to make the best out of anything. It may seem very superficial but there is something profound about what our conscious mind chooses that tells wonderful stories.

I was working at a real estate office, filing papers, and I came across a file of someone who was deceased. I thought that his legacy was literally in my hands. When we are gone, we are the paper trail--to strangers. I encourage writing and other forms of art.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Guests too easily wear out their welcome. It was a wise woman: my mother, who told me this but then completely confused me by inviting people to live at the house while she is gone and I am too sick to leave. Now it's another organ that is the problem and my doctors--with complete disregard of the Hippocratic Oath--continue to ignore my calls and have me waiting for care while my labs clearly demonstrate the deterioration of my condition. Sickness and digust with my doctors aside, I have the honor of offering anecdotal evidence of ignorance.

My house guest, a family member, mentioned a person in our family who is a homosexual. This guest then continued to say that the homosexual's mother cannot accept him because "it is wrong". I am supposed to be in a stress-free environment but this had me livid. The guest then went on to say that she was watching her preacher's sermon over the internet and that he was saying how "it was wrong" and that "it doesn't matter if Oprah is fine with it". It really saddened me. I felt sicker after hearing that such hate is being preached and the guest is too feeble-minded to think beyond what a dumb preacher says and the "word" of God.

I was so tempted to grin and say, "I'm gay" and wait for the awkward pause, and continue with, "in the other sense of the word." I hate that reductionism--especially from religion--has construed homosexuality to be solely about the physical relationship and not about the struggles that homosexuals have had to be regarded as members of society. I do not focus on the sex lives of heterosexuals, so I don't understand why these perverted "christians" are concerned with the intimate aspects of homosexuals' lives.

I believe homosexuality occurs in nature. What does God think about that--or we should wait and allow the preacher to speak on behalf of God and give us his interpretation that we blindly follow. I have known too many "christians" and believers of other faiths that are wrong too. 1.Hatred is a sin 2. Premarital sex is a sin 3.Cohabitation is a sin 4. Greed is a sin 5. Indulgence in food is a sin and therefore anyone with a weight problem in church is wrong, too. 6. Medicine is a sin because it has the potential to cause bodily harm and so forth.

Sometimes, being wrong is a good thing. My favorite part in this sad but true story is this: the house guest is a Dancing with the Stars fan and this person would vote for Chaz Bono! The guest then told me, "imagine if my preacher saw that I liked Chaz Bono on Facebook! What would he think?" I loved that hypocritical aspect of this person. What Would Jesus Do? There is a song by Miranda Lambert that says, "I heard Jesus he drank wine. . . and I bet he'd understand a heart like mine." That Jesus is my homeboy.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

R.I.P, Rooney

I become nostalgic far too easily. Today, one of my favorite essayists passed on. Like most military children, I have always and continue to watch the news too much. It is not abnormal to walk into any area on any base and find the television turned to Fox News. The military tends to be overtly political and mostly conservative. I have always been the antithesis of conservative. I am, however, conservative in dress but that is about it.

Andy Rooney was a great thinker. I used to look forward to the end of each 60 Minutes' broadcast to hear his rants and thoughts on random subjects. He fascinated me--for whatever reason--probably because I found the show so boring as a child and maybe because I am a dork, but it will be different to not have the Rooney perspective in my life anymore.

Kim Kardashian will not go away! I do not understand how anyone can be captivated by anything other than her beauty and style because she, in my opinion, lacks morals that were at one time preserved for marriage. Homosexuals have endured the struggle to receive the right for lifelong partnerships and inheritance rights and yet Kim Kardashian had the "Fairytale Wedding," that continues to air, despite filing divorrce documents 72 days into the partnership.

Kim's Fairtytale Wedding should have been appropriately named Kim's 18 million dollar wedding business deal. It is sad that a society with such a high divorce rate still gushes over the sight of a beautiful heterosexual couple marrying. It is boring. It has been done and fairytales are morbid and rarely have happy endings.

The real issues, such as heterosexuals being granted the right to marry, can be resolved; if we were only to petition as the one woman who crushed the greedy corporations' dream of charging their customers monthly withdrawl fees.

End corporate greed and legalize marriage for those partnerships that are not made-for-tv and that have lasted longer than 72 days but happen to have homosexuals in place of the heterosexuals that can marry multiple times in any of the 50 states.