Sunday, October 30, 2011

Make it: write

November 1st is the start of National Novel Writing Month, aka nanowrimo. It is a commitment that some make to write for an hour and a half a day for an entire month. The novel must be fiction. The famous "Water for Elephants" was born from the challenge. This will be my first attempt. Even art is racist, sexist and homophobic. I hope to put every aspect of life into the nonfiction novel that I compose. I hope that many take the challenge with me. Those who are protesting and risking arrest by participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement could be drafting petitions or creating art that demonstrates their struggle. Some members of this generation are so self-absorbed that it would benefit them to get over themselves for a month; log off of facebook, turn off the tv for an hour and a half and focus on thinking and creating something wonderful. I plan on finishing the challenge.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A billionaire agrees

I was watching the news today and Barbara Walters was giving a glimpse into a 20/20 that will air tonight showcasing self-made billionaires. She mentioned that one of the billionaires recommended against going to college and I must concur. Student loan debt is now worse than credit card debt in the United States.

What helped them to become billionaires was thinking outside of the box. That is a rare quality and one that certain schools foster with liberal arts and other programs that aid independent thinking and downplay standardized testing. A lot of students are bored in primary, secondary and higher learning institutions and they detest homework. Learning can take place anywhere but the anti-education attitude in the free schooling years is unfortunate.

I then thought back to the show, The View, and how Elizabeth and Sherri mentioned the amount of homework that their children are given at school. I have an issue with this because I have noticed that most parents will complain how long it takes their children to complete homework but they are indifferent to the amount of time their child spends playing.

In my opinion, with the most brain cells available from infancy to around age 12, the most learning should take place in that time period. I guess I am too pragmatic at times but when I can afford a child or children, I will guarantee that they have the least restrictive learning environment--a very important aspect in special education programs.

This is possibly why China has started to regulate television programs so that their is not an entertainment overload. Too many people do not have a problem with their technology and entertainment addictions. We are constantly wired. I grew up in a time when I would have to wait for the radio to play my favorite song. Now, I can go to Youtube and play any song that I would like to, at any time of the day. I used to have to get to know someone but now they volunteer information on Facebook and other social networking websites. I am old-fashioned and nostalgic at times.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Occupation Has Begun

I have heard that the word occupation merits attention, but that the protests taking place in The United states does not. supposedly, that word is being referenced in order to halt the organization of the Occupy Wall street protests; however, the comedy--in the literary sense of the word--of the entire situation is that protests--without media attention, such as those in Libya, Iran and other countries that have tenuous diplomatic relationships with the United states, are ineffective.

Boycotts work. Being that the system is Capitalistic, the only interest held by corporations is in capital--the circulation of money in the system--and not the people. Money overrides democracy. Historical references include slavery, and too many others to name. Civil Rights were granted to African-Americans only after the public transportation boycott. The racist system is conducive to the exhalation of one or more groups against another. White privilege has and remains in working condition throughout the world--regardless of if the president and Oprah are both Black.

Those Whites in favor of segregation would have happily remained segregated--if their businesses did not make money off of Blacks. Money is green, not Black or White. Money is immune from morality and other stipulations that people are held to, but corporations and other money-making machines are not.

The only reason the Americans with disabilities act was passed was the fact that it was an untapped resource with the potential for economic gains--how is that for a shameless "truth hurts" idiomatic expression?

This generation lacks the historical knowledge to recognize the patterns and dissemble the problem at the root. The corporate media exploits footage by the use of framing. Why else do they mention oil in Libya after the coverage that the dictator--who was dictator for an entire four decades--has been killed.

The generation that does not understand that Facebook violates their own privacy. The generation too attached to technology; wired 24 hours a day, seven days a week to care, caring only about the superficial aspects and appearances while the classics are discarded in place of what is trendy. The generation that no longer has to recite a phone number because they trust their technology to do it for them and use technology to do everything.

I raise my hand--with an open palms--a classic form of truth-telling and also how one testifies because I am ashamed--at times to use words such as "Epic", which was the most used word on Facebook, by the way and to text "LOL". To be unemployed but have an ipad on which I sometimes write this blog from. Truly, The Lost Generation is in 2011, where one protests corporate greed--biting the hand that feeds them--but are angered when the corporation refuses to allow them to buy food from the exact business that they are supposedly passionately protesting against.

If it is believed that we use only a mere 10 percent of our brain, we have found the generation that uses far less. To expect the corporate media to aid a cause that would hinder their power and money? The corporations are laughing. Even president Obama had a snide remark. He is a smart man. He appeared to sympathize of Jay Leno's show, but he, too, is only concerned with money. As a leader, I would have appreciated if he would have offered a solution to the problem instead of understanding frustration. He basically lent empathy for good public relations.

An erudite would boycott. I have been apathetic. I no longer write letters to any elected official. The only thing that I am proud of is that don't ask, don't tell is in the past. I do give credit to the president for that. I cannot mention very many other things that have improved in this country but I must remain optimistic--it's very American to do so. I honestly love that American value and we must remain peaceful and solution-orientated to better America and the world.

some letters on my keyboard don't work. I do understand some grammatical rules but this keyboard doesn't. I don't mean any disrespect for the president or any other places or names that did not receive proper capitalization.

Monday, October 24, 2011

This blog is dedicated to presidential hopeful Rick Perry. I don't understand how the use of the n-word in the name of his ranch and the new Texas license plates with the confederate flag--a racist symbol to most erudites who have ever had American history courses--make Perry exempt from being labeled a racist. He can articulate otherwise, but his actions prove that he lacks integrity and is unapologetically racist and very proud of being so.

I am upset that President Obama was name-dropping by mentioning "Keeping up with the Kardashians" in the news recently. His statement was not newsworthy. I would rather he comment on foreign affairs or domestic issues rather than drawing attention from his job and resorting to the bread and circus of the entertainment industry to divert thoughts about what is happening on Wall Street, unemployment rates, wars, and every other salient issue that the apathetic members of the democracy happily ignore.

I do take pride in living in a country where homosexuals can openly serve in the military. Homosexuals have always served in the military and every other profession, but they had methods to protect their sexual identity. It is good that the upstanding members of the military, who have had to sacrifice themselves for their job, no longer have to give up who they love. I am glad that military members no longer have to hide who they love. Two consenting adults deserve love.