Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dedicated to the dreamers

My "healthcare" makes me feel completely worthless. I am not someone who likes hospitals and I had to go in the ER last night and hear of John Doe flatlining! I am a well wisher. I once read of spiritual insurance and that is what I do for each ambulance and each hospital patient. It makes me feel as though the power of good intention will supersede the disease.

On another note, I keep everything--hoarder! Just playing but I have almost every letter and note that was ever addressed to me. It started with an English teacher who told us to keep everything we write and I think that I literally have kept everything that I have written since then. I was going through my college papers and reviewing my transcripts and grades from elementary school. All of those deadlines and good grades have come to mean nothing. The Dean's list, honor society and everything else is not applicable to reality. Do well--by all means--but do it for yourself. I am a perfectionist and I had tried to satisfy perfection and mastery of materials. However, it was mostly done through rote memorization.

I also dug up some magazine articles that I had ripped out. I had fashion, health, travel, home and so on. Seeing what I had taken from these magazines reminded me of my purpose in life. I have always wanted to travel and I have always wanted to make the best out of anything. It may seem very superficial but there is something profound about what our conscious mind chooses that tells wonderful stories.

I was working at a real estate office, filing papers, and I came across a file of someone who was deceased. I thought that his legacy was literally in my hands. When we are gone, we are the paper trail--to strangers. I encourage writing and other forms of art.

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