Monday, November 28, 2011

Economically Insecure

Add that to my many insecurities. It is a term that I heard on the news today and decided to adopt to describe my life since graduating with a bachelor's degree--the degree that was supposedly going to give me so many opportunities. I am not bitter, though.

It is unfortunate that the economy is so bad that people do not have to boycott--unemployment makes them unwillingly do so. Unemployment is dangerous. I do not believe that artifacts show affection, but I have always enjoyed gift giving.

I think that some gifts are considerate and sentimental. Each gift that I have received has been treasured simply because it was given to me. Someone thought about me while making the purchase. That always makes me feel special. I, however, have to give my loving thoughts to those who are special to me. I know I sound like the biggest cheapskate but blame it on the economy. I really think I am funny at times, but I know it's corny.

Something I did not find funny was this: my house guest predicted that I am going to hell and so is everybody that I know who has not been saved by Jesus. All that I am saying is that Jesus knows where to find me.

There is a song by Genesis that says, "Jesus he knows me, and he knows I'm right. Been talkin' to Jesus all my life. . . he's been telling me that everything is going to be all right." That's my religion. I know where I'm going.

I resent those whose religious rhetoric serves to demonize me. The guest had the audacity to tell me that homosexuality was wrong! I digress: no person shall judge; hatred is wrong and making predictions are wrong, too. I do not need to hear that I am going to hell when I am sick. That is disgusting. The basest suggestion that I have ever heard and completely inaccurate. In order to make and maintain friendships, eschew the following topics: religion and politics.

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