Thursday, November 10, 2011

Travel Folder

While going through my papers--my feckless attempt at organizing them completely defies me--I came across all of the countries that I was supposed to travel to and Libya was one of them. It had been right after the embargo had been lifted; the U.S. and Libya were repairing their diplomatic ties and I wanted to see the Roman ruins, sand dunes and markets of this country that had been forbidden to me for twenty years.

Now, I feel like the song by the Bee Gees: "I'm going nowhere. Somebody help me." I have my passport ready, but travel is too expensive and now the entire Middle East seems in political situations which I would rather avoid. Therefore, I read. This social isolation and non-stop library obsession has made me into an even bigger dork than I have ever been.

It's embarrassing to always give information to people. I feel like a curator sometimes because I'm always researching or reading something. Whenever I do propose an idea, it is rejected.

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