Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Some people will ask that one respects their privacy, and I must emphasize people, because the most audacious thing that I have heard of is that corporations are now trying to seek the legal protection of the fourth amendment in order for the public to respect their so-called privacy.

What do they have to hide? Their name changes to aid deception? The large amounts of money received from corporate welfare? How much they did not pay in taxes? Their political and other powerful ties? Corporations are now able to donate to presidential campaigns--this is very dangerous and because corporate news stations will not report this, the public had not demanded that any action be taken against it.

I was watching the non-corporate news: Democracy Now and it stated that it is a state law in Ohio that the public vote can override the legislature. Isn't that democracy in it's closest definition of the word? The grass roots movement to transfer banks needs to happen on a larger scale: violate the privacy of the corporations.

I am for corporations that treat their workers and customers well but, for the most part, I believe the corporations who are so worried about privacy violations lack integrity and are worried that their wrongdoings will be exposed.

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