Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tea "Party"

Certain times I feel extremely smart: when I was in attendance at my school--a small feat considering that I was the only person in the class that was not a pot head and took my studies seriously, and anytime that I turn on the television and see or hear something that the Tea "Party" advocates.

Seriously, America, we cannot allow anyone with such a simplistic ideology to run the country. George W. Bush was somewhat charismatic--or at least he was easy to tease, but these people are downright scary. A prophet? Really. Sounds worse than tin foil hat people to me. 72-hour hold would be more apropos than a run for the presidency.

I was watching the news--as usual--and a heckler approached President Obama. I didn't hear what she said, but she appeared very angry and I could tell that she was yelling. I know--without hearing a word--that she was weak-minded. People that yell--in my opinion--are not saying anything important, they are simply reiterating what has already been said in a higher volume. Those who yell are too immature to notice that yelling is ineffective.

In an election, make suggestions. Do not yell at the President or the candidates, offer what you believe will solve the problem. It is easy to yell and it is far harder to resolve the domestic and international issues involving the country.  

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