Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Redundancy Factor in History

Here it is: Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. I have, once again , relied on a quote in order describe the status quo. My immediate memory is of George HW Bush's statement, "Read my lips" and what followed was about taxes and was the broken promises that policians are well-known for making--namely, during their campaign. Since I am one of the few people who pay attention to what the candidates say, I notice an overwhelming number of them preaching "job creation" and this, in my opinion is a lie. If these candidates were truly concerned about America they would propose these ideas immediately in order to serve their patriotic duties and proudly show allegiance to thier country. That one would allow masses to suffer in order to partake in finger pointing is beyond me. I am reading "The four hour body " by Tim Ferriss. Ferriss is dedicated to working smarter and not harder. He has done quite well for himself and does not drill the belife that education is linked to success--even though, I believe, he received an Ivy League education. I will revisit his other book, too. He is very interesting and fills the voids with solutions that are fast and effective. I think Tim Ferriss should run for President

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