Monday, August 15, 2011

Has America chosen retrogression over progression?

Michele Bachman is proof of American ignorance. I cannot explain how idiotic her viewpoints are and she continues to gain popularity. Her views about homosexuals is truly disheartening, her ignorance about slavery is embarrassing, and her most recent comment about being submissive to her husband in order to be a good Christian is irrational.

Homosexuals are equals. I have said it before and I will reiterate it: we all know someone who is gay but some have not come out yet. It is sad that someone cannot live in a society where they can reveal their true self. I cannot fathom the mental struggles that closeted homosexuals have and I don't understand why Bachman or any other politician can debate such a complex issue that they are obviously completely ignorant of. The homosexual movement cannot be reduced solely to one's sexual orientation. Homosexuals have faced institutionalized and systematic discrimination. I am a heterosexual and I am waiting for the first homosexual president. A homosexual candidate is the only person who would have the authority to speak on the issue.

Slavery--according to Michele Bachman--was great for families because it maintained the two parent household. Her ignorance overlooked the fact that the child was born into slavery, the parents did not have the rights to marry and that slaves did not even have the right to their own name. Slavery is inhumane and for Bachman to insinuate that there was anything positive about living as a piece of property merits a mental evaluation and a history lesson. African-Americans were legally second-class citizens until the passing of the 15th Amendment in 1965. Slavery was race based in the U.S. Racism is systematic and institutionalized. She is clearly someone who has benefited from racism--having the privilege to perpetuate such ignorance and have the mindless follow her blindly.

African-Americans would chose to live in 2011 versus 1860 and women prefer our equal status. I don't understand why the so-called pious Christian women believe that submission will bring them closer to God. If a Wahabi Muslim woman is submissive, it is considered oppression. If an Asian woman is submissive, it is considered oppressive, too. I, too, would rationalize that her husband would be running the presidency if she had to kowtow every time there was a conflict of opinions. Who are these Americans supporting her? Bachman as president will place us in the same year as The Crusades and I used to think Sarah Palin was a bad candidate.

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