Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is Flying Worth it?

As a military brat and a third culture kid, I have had a passport and flown since the age of five. However, I now feel as though I have to sublimate my convictions and abdicate my rights in order to fly. First of all, TSA has the right to see my private parts with their high tech x-ray machine; secondly, one cannot express anger in an airport or on an airplane and finally, if one tries to file a formal complaint, it is impossible to reach a human on the phone. Airfare rates continue to rise, but it is no longer worth the price. Flying, which I was once so familiar with, is now truly a luxury.

TSA could possibly be the envy of teenage boys everywhere. They use the most invasive technology in order to x-ray our bodies in the most anatomically correct way possible. It seems like a pervert machine. Our only escape: opt for the pat down. The pat down is simply a lesser evil because some TSA employees seem to touch and not pat. It is degrading and disgusting.

Anger should be expressed. The retention of anger is dangerous but one has no right to be angry in the airport and airport and airline employees take full advantage of this. I recently was ignored by an airport employee and when I got her attention, she rudely ripped the luggage tag from my bag and retained it in order to know my name. I have a rare name and she had no right to touch and seize my personal property. It is my fourth amendment right to maintain my privacy and this woman's name was listed on her employee badge.

I tried to file a formal complaint with the airline, but I was unable to reach a human! The stress and frustration of flying is not worth it, in my opinion. My only suggestion is boat or drive.

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