Monday, August 22, 2011

Bachman vs IRS

I honestly do not understand what is going on in Libya and I am not going to pretend to. Political issues in the Middle East are very complex. One thing I do not understand is why there is always mention of oil prices raising or falling when reporting on the crises. These oil price fluctuations correlating to violence seem exclusive to that region of the world. Also, if Gaddafi was a dictator for 42 years, isn't this deposition overdue? Wasn't Gaddafi--aka the dictator, everyone's friend once? I am far too logical. It is beyond me and I hope for peace because diplomacy is the best strategy. 

Bachman used some horrible analogy to say that she worked at the IRS to utilize the loopholes. She infiltrated the system (big bad government) in order to legally beat it (pay the least amount in taxes). Wouldn't it have been simpler to hire a tax attorney. I do not understand that woman at all. I think that her and Palin split a very low IQ between them and I wonder who out there really believes in what she is saying. In fact, if you are a Bachman fan, I would appreciate a comment from you. Maybe something like, "Bachman 2012".

Too many thoughts today. The movie, "The Help" a great example of racism and of course it did well at the box office. I take issue with this because it is sublimates the struggles of African-Americans and gives credit to the one progressive Caucasian woman. This is a recurring theme that is self-serving to those in the book and movie industry. It is the same as when people credited Lady Gaga with repealing the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy. It was not solely Lady Gaga, it was every person who is homosexual and those in favor of homosexuals' rights that repealed that policy. It cannot be narrowed to one hero. There are many heroes in these stories and they are all deserving of praise and credit for their achievements.'

Final thoughts: only Kim Kardashian can get married and make--emphasis on the word make--an estimated 17 million dollars. Who is paying her? It must be advertisers...This, in my opinion, is unfair. I am immune to advertisements but tweens are usually the target for such things and they should have the right to know if she is wearing it because she likes something or if she is getting paid to wear it or wearing it for free. Thanks to anyone who reads this. It is pretty much stream of consciousness but I have a project to finish and I will reveal it when I am finished--around October 20 something. 

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