Friday, August 19, 2011

Book Review: Kardashian Konfidential

I take advantage of the library. I thank the library so much for having this book: "Kardashian Konfidential," because that is the only way that I would ever have read it. It is not because I dislike the Kardashians--I do not know them personally, but their portrayal on television is, in my opinion, deplorable. Nothing appears to be off limits.

I cannot understand how one exploits himself in order to achieve fame and fortune. I think of Emerson's saying, "My life is for itself and not for a spectacle." Granted, we are not seeing who they really are on television, but why would one not display their best image in the media? They look good--superficially, and maybe that is the public obsession with the family but I found the most redeeming quality in the Kardashians to be their unseen values and morals that were taught to them by their father Rob Kardashian, who is deceased. 

The late Rob Kardashian is mostly known for being O.J. Simpson's defense attorney, but I wish that he would have written a book on parenting and through the book: "Kardashian Konfidential," the reader has insight into what a good father he was to the very business savvy Kardashian women.

Rob Kardashian taught the girls the importance of being philanthropic and having a strong work ethic. Being that he was a lawyer, he would write up contracts for them to sign if they were to borrow money and drive responsibly. He had them earn their belongings and gave them the ultimatum of either continuing their education or working.

I think it is worth a read simply for that reason: Rob Kardashian. The remainder of the book reads like an endless advertisement. They name drop to the point where it is obvious that they are receiving money in exchange for publicity. However, the best thing about an autobiography is that it cannot be wrong. The book is written as they speak and regardless of what anyone says or thinks about them, they have won at the game of capitalism. Kim is capitalizing off her wedding tomorrow and that adds to the fairy tale lives they told of in their book.      

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