Thursday, August 18, 2011

Perry's 'Black Cloud'

What a racist statement! Perry was obviously speaking about Obama with that metaphor but I am more interested in hearing how he plans to change the weather. He is a prophet, after all. I want to his sunny days ahead plan because it is far too easy to mudsling and much harder to offer solutions. I think the entire Tea Party is strange for thinking it is a good idea to place themselves in the 18th century. If they want to travel back in time and regress so badly, they should focus on building a time machine to take them back to the time when slaves had both parents, women were submissive to men and Puritans would preach 16 hours a day. Bon voyage!

That being said, racism is very trendy. I would argue that Abercrombie and Fitch's statement adds credibility to them being racist. It is blatant discrimination against the cast. I do not agree with some of what they do on television and it is disturbing how misogynistic some of their viewpoints are but capitalism allows them to purchase that brand and America allows them the freedom to wear it on television. The Jersey Shore cast has the right to be tan and wear Abercrombie. Insert bad humor in that former statement but I seriously do think that the brand is racist and I think that the models in the ads are the only ones who should wear their clothing. In all honesty, the overpriced brands are manufactured in China and therefore, one is better off wearing the generic brand made in the same factory.

Speaking of labor, what ever happened to the movement to end child labor? Have the corporations strengthened to the extent that we no longer question if our shoes and other imports are fair trade? There are so many ways that we can help each other. I hope that we all give everything our best. Profit ssometimes costs lives. We must question everything. I have been reading "Happy at Last: The Thinking Person's Guide to Finding Joy," by Richard O'Connor and he mentions that Buddhism doesn't have a word for sin, but it has a word for ignorance. I don't try to proselytize but that statement is very powerful to what is being exploited by the Tea Party. 

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