Monday, August 15, 2011

Save the Middle Class

I can only speculate upon issues that plague us: humanity, domestically and internationally. I have come across others who seem indifferent and are apathetic to such salient issues that are being debated by the candidates who will possibly hold the title of President of the U.S. in 2012. One thing remains certain to me and that is war is inhumane and diplomacy is what leaders of every country must strive for.

My condolences to anyone who has lost someone in such calamities. The news reports from Afghanistan are disheartening. I have a friend serving in that country and his communication sounds very dismal. Even those who are pro-peace must take into consideration that the military members have to do their job and a lot disagree with what is being done but cannot speak out against it. They will be reprimanded if they speak out against what they are doing. This culture of silence is a possible reason for mental illness and other issues that troops are facing during deployment and on their return home. It is a sad situation for everyone and I do not voice that opinion to downplay the civilians' struggles and casualties. I would help everyone if I had the means to do so.  

Unline Mitt Romney, who believes that unemployment benefits should be privatized. I was watching Democracy Now this morning (they do an excellent job of updating their website with videos and transcripts) and Mitt Romney suggested that genius idea. I nearly chocked on my coffee. It is so easy to stigmatized those less fortunate in this economy and his suggestion was not job creation, rather privatization of unemployment benefits. America, we need a President that will create jobs. If the Middle Class continues diminishing, we will have the total collapse of the so-called "American Dream".

"Save the Middle Class" is one of my slogans for the 2012 Presidential Election. We cannot allow any candidate to bypass the issues without offering a solution by diverting our attention to the problems. The problems must be solved starting at the root.

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