Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Negative Publicity

Welcome to the culture of negativity. If you do not believe me, I can make reference to reality television and so-called "celebrities" such as any "star" famous for sexual acts on tape and those who are rewarded for televised debauchery.

Congratualtions to Abercrombie and Fitch for their latest marketing scheme. It is probably complex for some to understand, but their public relations team has been working overtime in order to drop their name in the media, associate their brand with the most popular reality show on t.v.: The Jersey Shore and disguise that they are, in my theory, paying Mike "The Situation" and the other cast members to wear their clothes. I am speculating that they are trying to create negative press in order to garner attention to the brand.

Here is the short story: Abercrombie and Fitch stated that they would pay Mike and the other cast members of The Jersey Shore not-- and not is the operative word here-- to wear their brand. If I were Mike or the other cast members, I would sue Abercrombie for slander and tell them not to mention my name and try to ride on my coattail for attention and fame. Sorry about the idiomatic expression, I truly hate them but abuse them in my poor writing.

Basically, I think it is good PR on Abercrombie's part and that Mike and the cast are endorsing the brand. The luxury brand of champagne was interviewed and said it did not appreciate that rappers were including its name in their songs and they did not feel privileged to have any mention from people such as Jay Z, P. Diddy--or one of his other fifty names, et. cetera. Rappers have since boycotted the brand and have began having their own alcoholic brands or endorsing those who include them in commercials. Some of these artists are paid to mention the brand and the famous brand names are dropped in the song.

I would have never noticed that Mike or anyone else was wearing Abercrombie but they can pay me to not wear it, too. Actually I have never worn the brand and plan on never wearing it in the furture. Abercrombie has been cited as being racist: having the people of color work in the stockroom and other parts of the store where they aren't visible to customers. I am a consumer with a conscience and I find that more offensive than having a guy who resembles the models in one of their ads (the abs mostly) purchasing and wearing their clothing.

Two tragic stories that I would like to share. I saw these on GMA and Today, I believe. A girl wanted donations instead of presents for her birthday in order to help those in Africa without water. She received donations and her charity extended to her next birthday. She was killed in a car accident but the donations continued to come in after people heard her story and she has now contributed over a million to her charitable cause. The angel is gone too soon but left a beautiful legacy. If I ever have a kid, I hope that she will be like that young girl.

The last story is about a San Diego police officer that was fatally shot but minutes before had paid for a child's lunch and his last act of charity was recorded on the fast food restaurant's camera. May they both rest in peace. They remind me of how life should be.  

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