Monday, March 7, 2011

Why ignorance is more dangerous than being a single parent

The argument of being a single parent seems to focus solely on the mother and this is unfair. The most salient aspect of this blame game is: why do we allow one parent to be relieved of parental duties in order to stigmatize the parent who is caring for the child? I say parent because there are a lot of single fathers, too and Mike Huckabee seems to have forgotten this or not cared enough to mention this when he slammed Natalie Portman for being an unwed future mother.

Being a single parent is a choice for some who are doing so in order to escape a domestic or abusive relationship, a philandering partner, a partner with substance abuse issue and many other deplorable situations. Some single parents are widows. It is disgusting that Huckabee and others feel that they should comment on such a personal situation. To speak of a woman's unborn child and stigmatize women who care for their children is, in my opinion, misogynistic and not representative of American values.

Resilience is prized Internationally. A single parent who provides for and cares for their child or children is worthy of praise and not degradation. It is time that we study the parent who has abdicated their parental responsibilities and is estranged from their child or children and not the caretaker--regardless of who it may be.

I commend any single parent out there. Military families are often subjected to long deployments which forces them into being a single parent temporarily. I think it is important for single parents to have a role model of the opposite sex for their child but it is not a requirement. The most important thing is to provide the child with food, shelter and love and I believe that the majority of single parents are already doing so.

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