Monday, March 28, 2011


Personally, I recommend the movie, "Catfish" over "The Social Network" because it shows how some people abuse what is supposed to be an innocent means of remaining in contact with friends. Facebook has supposedly become dangerous. Facebook has been recently blamed for divorces, depression, bullying and privacy violations.

I avoid Facebook. I do not feel the need to be in constant communication with my friends. I am nostalgic for the days of hand-written letters and snail mail. I read that a person who constantly checks their email and text messages has the same brain images as a person that smokes a lot of marijuana--that is a very scary thought. How is our brain evolving due to our overuse of technology? I do not believe it will benefit our neurocircuitry.

Facebook, however, can be used positively and that is how I try to utilize my page. For instance, I will tell my family that I am fine when a natural disaster strikes, I bring attention to links that can benefit others--my favorite is I use to to congratulate or offer condolences. 

I hope that no one abuses Facebook. I think it is not worth losing a spouse or a friendship to.

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