Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011: The Year of Protests?

Several continents seem to be protesting for changes in government/policies. The latest, London. I am surprised at the numbers in the UK. All of the so-called news channels have only been hyping The Royal Wedding. I believe that most people are hard-working. It seems that the majority of people dedicate their entire day to work and receive less compensation in the form of benefits and other sources of security that keep their quality of life at its current level. There has to be changes. I used to have a very good quality of life because the military--especially living overseas--offered free health care. Health care is now a luxury for me. Being that I am employable but no one is hiring, I have gone without health care for years. It is scary.

I was thinking about mental health care for those in war-torn countries. I remember watching the news years ago and it speaking of how Iraq did not have enough child psychologists. I was terrified to hear that. I then started to wonder about the people in the military: do they have mental health specialists in the war zone? I believe that would be logical but from what I have heard, through word-of-mouth, they are mostly concerned with mental health once the infantry men (I do not believe women fight while deployed to those areas) return to their homes/ duty stations.

An uncle? Someone who married into our family served in either World War II or The Korean War. As a child, we thought it was funny to tease him because he would doze off and erupt into violent outbursts--moving and speaking as though he were in the war, even though he was on the couch or at the table. We were scared of him because we couldn't predict when it would occur and we didn't know how to react. I feel guilty about that because I shouldn't have been so ignorant of such a serious condition. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stayed with him until his death in the 90s and I hope that no one else has to suffer that same fate.

I can't think too clearly today. 


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