Thursday, March 31, 2011

How much do we need to know?

I wonder if the news media should broadcast blunders in military equipment. In the past, and presently, there are helicopters, ships and other equipment used by the U.S. Military that is either defective, or damaged due to preventable mistakes.

I think that it decreases the military's image of military might when, for instance, a ship is stuck in coral for over a month while in shallow water off the coast of Hawaii. This is embarrassing to the U.S. Military with such expensive equipment. It also implies incompetence. The governments in other countries may view this as a weakness. I was always told to hide my weaknesses and show my strengths.

I do not believe in military intervention, but I do believe is defense. Defense is what would be needed if North Korea were to send a missile to Hawaii, Alaska, California and other areas that it has made threats against. One must always draw the line and I think the military should, also.

I was shocked when I saw members of the U.S. Army dancing to Lady Gaga on Youtube. I believed that the Army would reprimand them for doing so, but, that is now permissible due to the popularity of social-networking sites and probably the First Amendment (whichever freedom applies to such things). I think it boosts morale and is good for relieving stress, but where will the military draw the line. I do not see North Korean members of the military doing anything beyond marching stiffly and very seriously. 

The scandal aboard the videos played on the USS Enterprise should have put an end to such humor. In my opinion, and for the protection of professionalism, there must be an end to the entertainment while in uniform. The military should also be aware that while at work, phones should not be permitted to be turned on. I have several friends who are in the military and on facebook and texting while at work. Errors will continue to be made when someone is paying closer attention to their phone than their job.

In my military--that is only used as a defense mechanism-- the media does not show the weaknesses: downed helicopters, stuck ships, and so forth; military members are not dancing to Lady Gaga and other music genres on Youtube, and phones are not allowed at work.

I always wish for peace but I am also realistic. To imagine the worst case scenario is defensive pessimism and I think it is a major component of critical thinking.

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