Thursday, March 3, 2011

That Gray Area: How One Minute You're Hot and the Next, You're Not.

Growing up, I was plump. I cannot deny it because I have marks--stretch marks--that prove that I gained and lost weight very rapidly. It was strange to lose weight because people treated me as a new person. A friend once said that I have an inner fat girl and I think it is true. I also have the scars. Scars serve as a reminder to a lot of people.

Those who have served in a war or lived in an area that has seen the building or destruction of their land will probably have a better memory of what occurred. They carry physical or emotional scars. Scars are not the only way to remember. Those who are diligent will pay attention to what is happening, create a memory of it and reference back to it, if there is a need to do so.

 I have had a passport since I was five. I lived outside of the U.S., overseas, and on several islands. I didn't have an issue with air travel until Lockerbie. I think the Lockerbie bombing was a story that stayed with me. My parent was in the military, and military people usually leave the news on t.v. Due to the redundancy, I saw the story several times and I became anxious about flying. I became anxious about everyone flying because, until then, I thought the only dangerous thing about a plane was that it could crash.

Since then, Gaddafi was labeled a criminal. From what I understand, he paid billions and then he was the world's friend again--thanks to the United Nations--until recently. I do not understand the complexity of another country's politics. But, on behalf of American politics, I did not understand how we forgave so easily. Once again, I must consider Capitalism and then it makes sense. 

Gaddafi was such a good friend, that American celebrities: Beyonce Knowles, Usher and Mariah Carey, believed it was all right to accept a substantial amount of money from Gaddafi for their performances. This is that gray area: Gaddafi is no longer a friend and the money has been asked or ordered to be returned. 

How swiftly one turns his back on a friend. I have tried to keep all of the political relationships in memory because the gray area comes about so quickly. Rumsfeld is shaking hands with Saddam Hussein and then they are enemies; Gaddafi was somewhat exonerated and now he is a criminal again.

The only gray area is that his criminal activity should not have been forgiven. Relationships change, good people can change into bad people and the truth can be concealed. However, when there is a wrong--and it is clearly a wrong-- for the most part, the issue will be black and white.

I have yet to understand how world leaders and political figures are star struck by celebrities. It seems that in order to meet Obama, I have to be Justin Bieber or any of the other celebrities that appeal to The First Family. Isn't it strange that Usher, Beyonce and Mariah were hanging out with Gaddafi? Or that Hugo Chavez met with supermodel Naomi Campbell?  It seems to be the trend in politics and I am not a faddist.

That is why it helps to be beautiful and talented--or just beautiful because Kim Kardashian's appearance fee is enormous. Wouldn't it be strange if Obama were meeting with the cast of the Jersey Shore instead of the public? Especially the political science majors, law students, economists, social scientists, etc. That seems more likely than anyone in politics meeting or listening to me. That is also why education is a lie. Governor Schwarzenegger understood how powerful fame is and he used it to gain political office--despite having a business degree.

Be famous, be beautiful and then-- and only then-- can you meet with the political leaders of the entire world.    
I am sure that the protesters in Wisconsin could meet with the political leaders if the Green Bay Packers were to join their rallies. 

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