Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A few things that I am extremely confused about include Galliano being fired by Dior for being a racist while other racists thrive in their jobs: Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Imus and too many others to name. Why the U.S. Patent office isn't hiring and why the "Save the Dream" rallies have gone ignored. I think that I understand, all too well, why the rallies have gone ignored but it merits our attention.

Racism does not surprise me. I expect Racism, Sexism, Ageism and every other -ism out there because such systems are institutionalized--to a certain extent--and thrive because the beneficiaries remain in power and get richer. I know that idioms make for bad writing, but they have historical value and accuracy, so I will continue to use such trite sayings.

Race-based slavery was a boon to every person who did not have African blood. In fact, it was so good, that those who did have African blood but could "pass" for something else, often did. Race was also a factor in the U.S.' 19th century Chinese immigration policy and too many others in history. There are bureaucracies that were created for the sole purpose of protecting people from racism. That is why I do not understand how racism is clearly wrong and yet others are selective about penalizing the racists. I applaud Dior for firing Galliano. I would prefer that the policy become universal, but racism works for one group and hurts another. Some people can afford to be racist and others cannot. I believe that Galliano will work--either independently, or for an employer like Fox News (wink, wink).

I get mad when I like racist people's art. I always think there is underlying racism in Pat Conroy's novels, but I think he is a great author. There are so many movies that I have watched that could have done without using racial slurs, but they were used and repeated so much that it made me wonder if they were a fan of "The Birth of a Nation", which is cited as one of the best movies of all time.

I enjoyed Faulkner and Pirandello's works but I believe they, especially the latter, were racists. Fox News is blatantly racist. I do not think that anyone can have a strong argument against that statement but I really don't watch Fox--I am usually the antithesis of their style of journalism and their baseless ideology. I find Fox News on in a lot of waiting areas and that is usually the most viewing time it receives from me. In conclusion, if anyone wants a "fair and balanced view" of racism, watch Fox News. They will spin everything to make racism less of a bad thing--even though it is clearly wrong.

I have the Time.com app on my phone and there was an article explaining how the U.S. Patent office takes forever to approve of inventions and that there may be a vote to make changes to the long process. It had me thinking: "job creation"! The numbers were outrageous and I am sure that those interested can find and read the story, http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,2055812,00.html if that link didn't work. I am hopeful that an invention in there has solutions to the problems that are faced by humanity. I value ingenuity
and even though it is often mentioned that there are a lack of U.S. students in fields such as engineering, I think that we cannot truly know because so many of the patents have not been reviewed and approved.

I hope that an approved patent will help to "Save the Dream". It is very important that changes are made in this country, as well as abroad. I hope that those attending the rallies receive the attention that they deserve. Some aspects of the Democratic process have worked well in the past and I am hoping that they will work well in the future. I think I aid the culture of negativity sometimes and that is not the purpose of this blog. I want this blog to encourage others to think independently about solutions to the issues that we are facing and to help each other--regardless of race, age, ideology and so on. As Aerosmith sang, "dream on, dream until the dreams come true."  

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