Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Hilarity Ensues. . .

I am a private person. That is why I am not a successful Facebook user. I do not ever feel the need to tell everyone my thoughts, credentials, or any other personal information beyond what is necessary. My dad used to call this a "need to know basis". I only offer what is asked of me.

I prefer to listen. I listened with very sympathetic ears to a woman telling me stories and I could not believe half of what was being said. There is a saying that "truth is stranger than fiction" and her truths really were. She told me that she had waited for her boyfriend to return from deployment and that she remained faithful throughout the entire deployment, roughly seven months, and when he returned, he introduced her to his girlfriend!

I guess that is a military thing: where the man deploys and usually the female is unfaithful while he is gone, but this was bizarre to me. I then started to think about the question that was posed by CNN, "Is Marriage Obsolete?" If a female, who has no sign of commitment other than the spoken word, remains faithful to a man who is not her husband, why would the man want to marry her?

I am at an age where my friends are already divorced. I have even witnessed a 21-year-old who was married twice! Everything seems awkward to me. I have a lot of incomplete thoughts, as usual. Take Care! 

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