Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Was Obama's Libya Attack Impeachable?

Fellow Democrat Dennis Kucinich believes so and I remain confused. I am confused because there are other areas in the world that have their government committing similar crimes and there is no military response from the U.S. and the other allies; when a lot of countries gather together and bomb a country, isn't that considered a World War? And finally, what is our objective and exit strategy? There is too much confusion. Peace is simple. When a U.S. Air Force man ejected from his plane in Libya, he was not attacked. The countries bombed Libya and now no one wants to take responsibility. The U.S. has said they are not trying to kill Gaddafi--that would be a criminal act, but to bomb his compound is. . .? Why can't someone arrest Gaddafi? He appears to be in the compound and the U.S. will not kill him, so does this mean that another country's military can kill him? I don't know. Too many questions and the news does not answer any of them.

In other news. . .I am sick of hearing about these "Tea Party" people, too. Conservatives and party should never be included in the same sentence. They seem like homophobic zealots who resort to religion to defend their lame arguments. I used to like Victoria Jackson, the has-been from Saturday Night Live, but she is relevant to politics and pop culture? No wonder she is no longer funny--being associated with the Tea Party and being closed-minded is a bad route to take for a so-called comedienne.

If Ms. Jackson was so offended by the Glee kiss, she should have turned off the television. The only attention that she could attract came from her latching onto a popular show in order to bash homosexuals and spread her weird Tea Party/religious viewpoints.

I have to fake it until I make it because today I am not feeling like giving anyone the benefit of the doubt and I am losing hope in them--not hope itself, but hope in a few people. I wanted Obama to make those changes that he spoke about so frequently throughout the campaign and after the election. I have not seen positive changes. I do not care what race or party the President of the U.S. is from; what I do care about is how he treats the people in the world. War is inhumane. I hope that no one ever has to see it. Bombs, blood, bodies and fear. A thirty-year-old in Afghanistan has only known war. That is unbelievable. I hope that peace comes. I continue to seek ways to help those who are in the crossfire. I do not treat military members with disrespect or protest because they are following orders. Those who commit the shocking crimes such as Abu Gharib, and the most recent trophy pictures in Afghanistan, were probably allowed to join the military instead of doing jail time--yes, there really are waivers for certain psychos and other people who need punishment or rehabilitation rather than to serve in the military. I'm rambling, so take care. Hasta Manana.

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