Thursday, December 1, 2011

We will be seeing red

Red is always in fashion in China and North Korea, as well. I remember during the New York Philharmonic in North Korea, there were lots of red scarves. The historical importance of it all: red = Communists. The Red Scare is a thing of the past and will remain so, because China is the new superpower with most economical impact and influence in the world.

We can pretend that China has inflated their currency and that the interest rates will encourage Chinese to buy American products but that is false. First of all, the Chinese have always taken great pride in their culture; and second, the only thing that is made in America is pepper spray and when any other country uses pepper spray against innocent, peaceful protesters it is labeled a human rights violation--with the exception of the U.S. police departments versus the occupy movements.

China is good at math. Despite is being obsolete in Western countries, China has used the abacus and maybe we should also conform. This defiance has resulted in China having the oldest writing system in history. The Chinese have always taken great pride in their goods. The kowtow was used for the purpose of humiliating the inferior gifts brought before the Chinese. We may need a modern form of kowtowing because China continues to grow and the U.S. seems to be stagnant--despite recent gains on Wall Street.

China has not been branded. Branding is popular in the Westernized counties but because so many American factories are based in China, the Chinese can buy the identical item of clothing at a greatly reduced price: factory direct versus suggested manufacturer's retail price.

Chinese art, literature and history has always fascinated me. The Boxer Rebellion and the unfair treaties resulted in diplomatic immunity and because the Chinese have always been a merit based society, it will be interesting to see how their government accounts for remaining Communists while incorporating capitalistic practices.

Could I please get reduced lending rates that Greece and Italy have received? Herman Cain. I do not care if there was a consensual extramarital affair between him and that woman. I do, however, disapprove of how she claimed to come forth to add credibility to the other women who have made accusations against Cain. The other women were alleged victims of sexual harassment; whereas this woman carried on an affair with him--a question of morality, rather than illegality. Publicizing an affair is opportunistic. These media whores thrive on negative publicity. She knew he was married, so why did she have an affair? What does proving that he is unfaithful prove? I am angered by attention focused on such trivial matters as affairs. It is why Spitzer was not allowed to reform the unfair credit and lending practices in the U.S. Government. Affairs happen. A lot. We need to get over affairs. Sexual harassment is an issue that should be pursued to the highest extent of the law.

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