Friday, December 16, 2011

It takes more: to fascinate me

It was reported--I watch too much t.v. and I would love to credit the source, but I honestly have no clue who reported it--that Barbara Walters' "2011 Most Fascinating List" viewership was down 30% than the previous year. The backlash seems to be due to the Kardashian family making the list. I, however, would not place the blame solely on the Kardashians. It is obvious that the rich and famous have always fascinated society. I highly recommend Robert Wuhl's, "Assume the Position," on HBO. He pokes fun at how, throughout history, there has been an obsession with pop culture. His language is very strong and some of his humor contains strong sexual content but I would not find it any more offensive than what is on t.v.

I think that the viewers want to see extraordinary people who they can learn from because the economy is bad; some are uninsured, starving and coping with problems that the Kardashians and other wealthy people don't ever have to take into consideration. I would have loved to see those who are helping others in their community, helping others domestically or internationally. Those strong people who overcame suffering or struggling and who have a cause that they work towards daily. There are so many exceptional people in this world; whereas the Kardashians are always on t.v.

The people of Japan dealt with the aftermath of the tsunami and that, to me, is fascinating. The international protests--I eschew Middle Eastern politics. It is too complex and I do not have the cultural or religious background to understand what occurs in those countries. Doctors without borders have always fascinated me. There are some doctors who operate off of greed, but these doctors are dispatched to some of the most dangerous areas on the world to help those who are suffering--for free. I was fascinated that Tim Hetherington survived being embedded in Afghanistan but died in Libya. Bradley Manning--fascinating--as is Julian Assange. The last two are controversial, I am not agreeing with anything that they did, but they are, in my opinion fascinating. Anyone who wants to watch the Kardashians can easily read any blog or 'tune into E!'

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