Sunday, December 11, 2011

For A Racist Week in Sports. . .

The most popular word in Sports this season is apparently the N-word. The coaches and other participants' names should be disgraced. I'm sure that is great for a team. Mike Mathey, a coach at Chaminade in Honolulu, HI, mistakenly text the N-word to one of his players, instead of his friend. The N-word is filled with hate. I am sure he did not intend to use it in any other context. Chaminade should be ashamed that it would associate with a racist. Racists use racist language, period. Chaminade is supposedly religious but this is where that line is drawn. Religion has never had a problem with racists! The majority of the historical figures were supposedly religious and also extremely racist. Mike Mathey, I'm sure would not use the n-word publicly. I'm sure that if it were known that he was fond of using the n-word that other places would not be eager to hire him, but then again, a lot of places have no problem with such racism--especially, when those of African ancestry are on the receiving end. I believe in Iceland, it is illegal to make such statements. I would love to visit there because it would make people a lot of more cautious of what they say in private and in public. Mike Mathey and Chaminade should be ashamed of themselves. They are from that same school of thought that allows disparate treatment of homosexuals--as though they are not from the same spawn as their so-called God. It's disgusting and for Mike Mathey to simply leave is unacceptable. Chaminade and Mike Mathey should have to make ammends with the students at their school and anyone else that takes offense to the word, as should the students and anyone else who participated in chanting the n-word before their games. Ignorance versus progress.

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