Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ignorance is dangerous

I saw on the corporate news, of course, where a former Occupy Wall Street protester decided to join them, versus beating them. She capitalized off of those who were demanding better opportunities by handing out her resume and she will soon join the 1%: a day trader--who knows but this, in my opinion, is the problem with the movement. The protesters want to eat from the large corporations--biting the hand that feeds them. She, I believe, is the scape goat being used to make it appear as though the movement lacks organization and has unclear an cause/causes.

I was also disheartened to learn that both children,who were shot in Texas, have died after their mom shot them and commit suicide after being denied food stamps. Sadly, I wish the social worker or anyone else would have referred her to the food bank or another organization that would help her to receive the necessities to feed her family.

There is a show on TLC called extreme couponing. Some of the couponers will have stashes but some will donate their food to churches, shelters and so forth. I wish these couponers could donate to those not fortunate enough to receive food stamps and who are in dire need of food. The government could even create positions for these extreme couponers in order to save money that is used on food stamps and other subsidy programs.

Upon receiving employment, I plan to donate to these places: the public libraries, the medical clinics that help the uninsured and receive charity cases and the food banks. I grew up in the military and I could not conceive of a homeless or hungry person. I often heard that a military lifestyle is comparable to those who are rich and I always figured this was the officers and other high-ranking officials but to have the luxury to have food and shelter is wealth. Health care is now a luxury for me. I recently lost my insurance, but I am optimistic because I can care for myself by eating well and exercising but there are some who need medical care and I plan to at least be able to offer them advice and referrals so that no one has to suffer.

If the wealthy feel better by not paying higher taxes and sacrificing the Middle Class and poor, they may do so at their own discretion, and with the support of the government but I feel obligated to give back because I would rather go broke than watch another suffer.

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