Saturday, December 3, 2011


The Public Broadcasting System is one of the most informative and most unbiased networks that we all should be watching. I came across a program called "Black in Latin America," and it provided information about the African diaspora that every person should know.

I learned that more African slaves passed through Peru and Mexico than the United States; the second President of Mexico was of African descent. Mexicans will often say there is a Black person in their family, but they love him anyway. I highly recommend that everyone watch because it demonstrates a very important aspect in history: that history is written by the victors. Despite the so-called Tanning of America--the most recent exploitation and commoditization of African-Americans--in my opinion, history remains focused on the few figures that were Italian, Portuguese and other European ethnicities.

I take a huge issue the Tanning of America being touted as a boon for Blacks. It is a book that proposes that corporations have begun using hip-hop elements and being more inclusive to Blacks because of the mastermind--who also wrote the book and sadly, his name eludes me, but corporations always have ulterior motives. They will usually have a token African-American. It is nothing new. It is sad that some are hypnotized by the media and advertising.

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