Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My heroes have mostly been women. It started out with being overly religious--I practiced any and every religion and I watched "The Sound of Music" way too many times, so I went through the nun phase--Mother Theresa was an idol (I know that idolatry is against all religions but there is no other way to explain my unhealthy obsession with her) Princess Diana, Oprah, G.I. Jane, Hester Prynne (very contradictory, I know) and so on. I always thought that these women were persistent. They did not stop when their goal was accomplished, they continued to set bigger goals. That is what is needed in the world. We cannot stop simply at progress. We must not even stop at perfection because perfection is different to each and everyone of us.

I caught a recent snippet of an interview with President Obama in which he was mentioning that his presidency was responsible for ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and killing bin Laden. However, he did not have to stop there. What is your action plan to solve the contemporary international and domestic issues?

Some may find Obama's record impressive; however, I want more from the President. I take issue with stopping at "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," I want the President to follow-up with those who have been directly affected by the termination of the policy and ask them which areas still require progress. I want a President who goes directly to the people and acts as a true representative of his constituents.

Afghanistan, the longest war in the entire history of the United States of America--that is a horrible legacy; therefore, how are we going to improve the war-torn country and end all combat? In all aspects of my life, if I am directly responsible for something, I don't apologize. I take the proactive approach in rectifying the situation. I hope all world leaders take this approach into consideration as we approach the New Year and set new goals and resolutions. I have hope because we still have time--unless the Mayan Calendar--I'm half-way joking on that one.

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