Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Racist Church. . .why not?

From my personal schemata, churches have always had the disgusting privilege of being homophobic, so why is anyone surprised that a church is blatantly racist? A church refused to allow a Black man and a White woman to be members. This whole story is so messed up that I honestly don't know where to start. Keep in mind that this is 2011 and this occurs in America. The land of the free, right? In theory. It is disheartening that churches, with their holier than thou attitudes, can be influential to its members. This is a circumstance where other members should have been in defiance of what was happening. Love conquers all--even religion. Eww and I wish they would stop playing that couple from TLC's "The Virgin Diaries" kissing.

Churches were traditionally segregated and some remain so today. It is not uncommon to find predominantly Black or White churches. I used to attend churches that were mixed. I have been to every kind of church and grew up touring every cathedral in Europe. I used to want to be a nun because I grew up in a mostly Roman Catholic country and watched "The Sound of Music" way too many times. Mother Theresa was one of my earliest idols and that was another thing that I couldn't stand: the churches vs idolatry. After all, isn't Jesus theirs?

Anyways, churches were racist. The pilgrims or whoever were really into hating Native Americans and Blacks. It should not shock anyone that racism still exists, but I would have been shocked and loved if their members defied the congregation and thought independently. Churches become dangerous when their ideology allows them to condemn homosexuals, interracial dating or marriages and anyone else. The purpose of religion is love. Religion should not be used to judge or sublimate others.

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