Friday, December 2, 2011


Being one of the biggest losers--socially, and not physically; I have taken to texting a man that I met via the internet. I would mention the site but it is rather embarrassing, so please use your imagination. It's crazy that texting is even a word. I remember when a phone was only used for one thing: speaking and now a phone is a computer, a camera, and a personal storage device. That is another story entirely. Back to my subject. My cyber friend: it is nothing like that cyber sexual stuff that some people are accustomed to, but guys-- usually thinking it is a good idea to throw in sexual innuendos--which I immediately ignore, will sometimes be hormonal as teenagers. He thinks I like him--for whatever reason--maybe because I talk to him, but I am in a monogamous, committed relationship and I always remind him of that. Anyways the entire reason I met this guy is because it is because I have an infatuation with eccentricities. These conversations are based solely on being strange. I am strange. I pretend normal too much and it gets so boring. That is why I enjoy working with children and in creative fields because the international homogenization of normalcy is absurd--first, and foremost--but incredibly predictable/trite. I cannot stand that we have the potential to be creative and yet we regress to the standards set forth by society. It is sad that we have the cute culture where Kim Kardashian and other girls are idolized for being. . .pretty? When will pretty become boring. That is where I escape because it is ridiculous that society praises beauty so much that women and men are afraid of aging. Some would rather become the cat-looking new species that results from plastic surgery. Now that is weird but my cyber friend is also an eccentric--as am I.

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