Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Government Contracts: Owned versus Operated

I have been watching too much Discovery Id lately and it reminded me of a loophole that is very common--and not to mention, very lucrative--in "the haves'" circles.

In a nutshell, U.S. government contractors get paid a lot. They do very well for themselves and although I do not know what exactly is required of them, I think of them as people doing what the military and other government agencies used to do--and this can explain why a lot of their employment opportunities require a background check; a background check that they obtained being prior military!

Therefore, there are contractors. And there are some women that allow their husbands to get contracts as a "minority"--being that women are considered minorities. This, in my opinion, is far worse than Affirmative Action. The only loophole that I can think of is that it may be owned by the female "minority" but it is operated by her husband.

There needs to be reform so that these businesses are truly owned and operated by women. I cannot see how this is not considered fraud

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