Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Eat the rich"

Since my absense, I have learned that rich people invest in order to be taxed at lower rates, more people die from abusing prescription drugs than illegal drug overdoses and that realtors are corrupt and Michael Moore has re-emerged in defense of democracy.

Investments are taxed at lower rates than income. I read that in the Sunday paper a few weeks ago and was surprised that Warren Buffet was proposing that the rich pay their fair share in taxes? The question mark is intentional because there has to be more behind this story...

The most dangerous drug dealers can now be found at your local pharmacy. The new drugs are legal and people are becoming addicted to pain meds and other prescribed medications are increasing rates. It is so common that Dr. Conrad Murray is currently being tried for his part in the Michael Jackson fatal drug overdose that occurred two years ago. Drugs are marketed directly to consumers and that was once illegal.

Real Estate agents continue to legally discriminate against apartment hunters. My friend had been looking for places and the rental application fees were extremely high but he was also refused everywhere that he applied. He has been in the military for 16 years, he has "impeccable credit"-- as one realtor described it and he has a job, but the places he has applied to continue to deny him and I would only conclude it is race-based discrimination. He even had one realtor claim her unit--owned by her and her husband--was granted to another applicant but ten days later, her unit was relisted.

Michael Moore has been in the news again lately because of the state of the economy and unfair debt burdens on the Middle Class and poor.

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