Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Texas Story: Dream House for $16.00

This video demonstrates how legal loopholes can allow one to work smarter and not harder. The litigious U.S. has laws for everything and this man was smart enough to do his research and his neighbors are complaining that life is unfair. Yes, indeed, life is unfair and real estate especially has allowed discrimination and other forms of keeping neighborhoods divided in order to avoid White Flight--where is a minority--especially a Black person moves in, they move out. If this man--seemingly, an average male-- found and exploited this loophole, imagine what the corporations and their high-powered attorneys can do!

I am jaded when it comes to justice and equality. There is too much hypocrisy for me to say that what this man is doing is wrong. After all, who wouldn't want high quality at a low price? If one cannot afford luxury and suddenly there is a law that affords them such luxury for nearly nothing, wouldn't he be foolish to pay full price? Sucess= health, water, food, and shelter. A house is the largest debt that most will acquire. This man has a dream house at the cost of 16 American dollars. That is an enormous profit. There was no higher education required. This man did his research-- independently-- and is in the legal process of remaining in the house for 3 years until he receives full ownership of the property. Some strange laws combined with the right thinking can become a capitalist's dream.

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