Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Science is racist, too.

A few weeks ago, it came as no surprise that Black Scientists receive 10% less funding than their White counterparts. Science is as racist, too. This is the system churning at its best: beneficial to Whites and harmful to Blacks. How would those funding these research projects know that the Scientists are Black? On the race bubbles that are sometimes mandatory I fill in other and state, "human race". The military is an institution that requires one to fill out such race bubbles and the last time that I encountered one, it did not have the option to fill in other or be two or more races.

Science is not a new racist. Linneaus was very racist in his categorization of races. Eugenics and other movements were racist also and Watson--of DNA double helix fame--believes that Blacks are genetically inferior--a very dangerously ignorant statement coming from an "educated" man. Racism will remain and in order to not become a victim, we must be cognizant of such occurrences. Once it is recognized, we must find ways to become autonomous in a sense that we remove ourselves from institutions that aid and abet systematic racism and other systems: isms.

We are being hypnotized by these systems that give us beliefs without any credible evidence or antithetical viewpoints to make a fair decision. It is even more dangerous when there is no exposure to certain groups. I remember a girl in college who said, "We don't have homeless people in Orange County". From my experience, homeless people are everywhere but in a private community I could understand why she made the statement. I believe that if someone such as Michelle Bachman exposed herself to homosexuals by going into homosexual communities or volunteering in organizations that deal with hate crimes and other issues, a paradigm would occur.

I believe the only way to truly overcome these systems is to step away from the system and induce paradigms. I am watching the candidates closely to see if any of them would be up for such a challenge. I would love to see the privileged try to survive in the social conditions they so often ignore or debate vicariously. 

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