Monday, October 24, 2011

This blog is dedicated to presidential hopeful Rick Perry. I don't understand how the use of the n-word in the name of his ranch and the new Texas license plates with the confederate flag--a racist symbol to most erudites who have ever had American history courses--make Perry exempt from being labeled a racist. He can articulate otherwise, but his actions prove that he lacks integrity and is unapologetically racist and very proud of being so.

I am upset that President Obama was name-dropping by mentioning "Keeping up with the Kardashians" in the news recently. His statement was not newsworthy. I would rather he comment on foreign affairs or domestic issues rather than drawing attention from his job and resorting to the bread and circus of the entertainment industry to divert thoughts about what is happening on Wall Street, unemployment rates, wars, and every other salient issue that the apathetic members of the democracy happily ignore.

I do take pride in living in a country where homosexuals can openly serve in the military. Homosexuals have always served in the military and every other profession, but they had methods to protect their sexual identity. It is good that the upstanding members of the military, who have had to sacrifice themselves for their job, no longer have to give up who they love. I am glad that military members no longer have to hide who they love. Two consenting adults deserve love.

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