Monday, September 12, 2011

Feel Good

It is so odd. I am watching "The Dr. Oz Show" and these women with large bellies are crying because they are fat. The fat is not the problem; that they are crying over fat is the problem. I used to be a lot heavier and I understand that weight loss is very hard, especially for women because our bodies change with child birth, menopause and other circumstances; however, we should not be crying over weight! We are made to feel bad emotionally because of superficial things--that we do not look like the advertised women in magazines, that we do not have the money or success of our peers, but these things can be changed and they should not merit as much emotion and attention as we give them. Health is and should always be the goal in life. There are some women without belly fat that are anorexic and their disease has led to cardiovascular and other irreversible health problems. I have always heard that people in areas where food is scare admire those who are fat because girth demonstrates disposable wealth and an abundance of foods to eat. Perhaps, until they discover a magazine or another form of Western influence. I still believe that health takes precedence over shape or weight. Another example: a bodybuilder who uses steroids.

The fastest solution is to accept the circumstances and either work on removing them or learn to be happy despite them. I was being hard on myself today: I was getting extremely anxious because of my unemployment, credit score and every other trivial thing that pollutes my mind and then I decided to talk to myself as a friend--I know that sounds crazy and maybe I am, but it's a coping mechanism and I concluded that I can either worry constructively about (problem solve without internalizing it) or accept it. I chose to accept it. These things matter when it comes to employment and housing, so they are realistic to worry about but worrying has not gotten me anywhere. My problem-solving skills have stalled. I am hoping that Obama's job plan is successful because I know that so many of us could use a change but we should work harder at making ourselves feel good than making ourselves feel bad. There are advertisers, credit companies and so many others that will be hard on us and try to get us down, but with the positive attitude, we can make anything less painful. Bad health and death can even be met with optimism because our minds have the power to do anything--even if it employs imagination.

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