Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's only a game

Football--the one played with hands and not feet--is considered an all-American sport. The Green Bay Packers are playing The New Orleans' Saints to begin the season. I have never been able to associate myself with any sport as others do. I was good at being smart and not a jock. Using my objective reasoning, I have been known to cheer for both sides when a play merits praise. I will also switch my team to the winning one--pathetic, but true, so that I am always a winner. 

Games seem harmless but there are times when the outcome of a game incites violence. Some fanatics are not allowed to attend soccer games because they are known to be violent or have some criminal record associated with attending a prior event. These fans travel to different countries and cities to see their team play. I do not understand that--at all, but I recently saw a game that I did not find funny.

I saw a clip of a game and the goal was to kill Tea Party Members who were zombies? I question that because the game used the actual peoples' likeness? and even if it is a parody, it is not funny. The Tea Party Members are human beings and they should not be marked targets in a game or any other parody. Violence is not funny. 

Chelsea Handler makes rape "jokes" sexual assault is not funny. It begins with humor in order to extenuate these circumstances into the mainstream. Violence is no longer heavily debated as it was when I was younger. Supposedly, the rating V leaves it to the viewer's discretion. The rape jokes are new to me. Racist jokes have always been around and will always be, but one must recognize that even pretend violence against someone is dangerous.  

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