Sunday, May 8, 2011

Exit Strategy

Will the killing of Bin Laden be our exit strategy to the War on Terror? I hope so, but I highly doubt it.
Afghanistan is the longest lasting war in U.S. history. We remain in Iraq and in lesser publicized countries in The Middle East and there seems to be no one advocating peace. Education is a lie. We resort to violence instead of using diplomacy.

Bin Laden was a dangerous man. I became familiar with his name in 1996. Being in a military atmosphere, security was always a major concern for us living overseas. It bordered on paranoia. I often think that I could possibly have PTSD or some other disorder because the fear of attack was put in me: defensive pessimism.

Such threats were real but it didn't seem to be propagated by the news media back then. It was mentioned--fleetingly--and then forgotten. I could not forget because of all of the restrictions and precautions put on us. I will not mention them and I was disgusted that a newspaper disclosed what I would have considered guarded information publicly. I was scared of all of the bad guys since then.

I hope that peace arrives soon. The people of Afghanistan who are in their 30s have never known a time without war. That is a scary thought: generations of people for whom peace is a distant memory--or has never existed. 

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