Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Burqa Ban in France

It is ironic that France--of all countries in the world--considered to be one of the major fashion capitals in the world, has banned the burqa. The ban, in my opinion, is culturally insensitive and should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

A wrong is always a wrong. Granted, it is hard to identify those with everything but their eyes covered, but if that is what a woman feels comfortable in, should the country's parliament be able to impose a wardrobe change? If so, France should have uniforms for the entire country. 
I cannot think of another culture that covers their faces as Muslims do. It strips those who are practicing Muslims of complying with their personal and religious beliefs. I am tired of the trite argument that the veil is oppressive. If the veil is oppressive, is a mini skirt liberating?

The Middle East has countries that are Islamic. In Islamic countries, the Muslims dress according to their religion; when it is time for prayers, it is heard throughout the entire country by the use of speakers set up in the mosques; Muslims literally wear their religion. It is religious intolerance to disallow the use of the burqa.  It is homogenizing the Muslims of France.

I find it cruel. I find it absurd and I hope that international courts challenge the burqa ban because the banning of the burqa is oppressive. It does not allow Muslims to fully practice their religion and their human rights. Suppose, for instance, that there is a burn victim. There have been incidents where acid has been thrown into a woman's face causing permanent disfigurements and burns. Should that burn victim have the right to cover her face? This is a dangerous law and it is one that I hope France will soon change.

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