Monday, May 9, 2011

Do Not Wait To Express Your Feelings

Education is a lie, of course. Caveat: do not waste your money on higher education, create a holiday instead. Holidays are big business for Capitalists. Valentine's Day, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo--yes, even holidays that have nothing to do with our country and that even an "educated" person, such as myself, does not understand. We find justifications to celebrate.  The definition of celebrate here is spend money and overindulge in food and beverages. We wait for those special occasions to spend money on cards, flowers, dinner and so forth and express how much we love the recipient. 

Mother's Day was yesterday. It is bittersweet for me. I am grateful that I have my mother and my grandmother but I think about my friend's child and it makes me depressed. My friend passed away at a young age. Her daughter is in Elementary School and being that children socialize and some teachers integrate such times into their lessons, I wonder what she will say when asked about her Mother's Day. She is being raised by the same woman who raised her mom, but, being that I am still very emotional over her mother's passing--which happened over two years ago--I wonder how she feels and responds to such questions.

Dealing with loss and grief is what should be taught in schools and from a very early age. Death is still considered a very taboo subject but it is inevitable. Anything that is living or has lived will die. Loved ones, pets, plants and people pretend that it only happens on television and in books. I think that it is a good idea to use television and books as part of the curriculum, to make it less personal, but we need people of all ages to expect and cope with death.

The death of Bin Laden is probably being discussed heavily but with a certain bias. As evil as Bin Laden was, we also have to teach that his supporters will probably mourn his death and seek revenge. We have to discuss these issues critically because being that death is taboo, some may be too afraid to post their questions.

This being said, I would like to create a holiday. I think that my holiday should be Common Sense Day and people can pay me and take me out to give them the most basic of information and help them to think logically. I will create some kind of toys and candy to associate with it, alcohol and foods to celebrate with and find sponsors to advertise it. Only joking. I hope that anyone who reads this does not wait until a special occasion to tell someone that they are loved or to give them a gift--even if it is a wildflower picked from a public street (that way it is legal).  

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