Monday, May 23, 2011

Business versus the Presidency

Education is a lie, for the same reason that Donald Trump supposedly decided against running for President in 2012: business is his true aspiration. Even though I believe it was simply a "save" for him when discredited by Obama's birth certificate and the killing of bin Laden,  business--indeed-- is very lucrative.

I once dedicated myself to reading only the business section of the newspaper and the study of success. As consumers, we are encouraged to buy but not to produce. We consume television but do not create our own vlogs. We read books, but do not write. This is what tightens the grip on our wallets.

Note to capitalists everywhere: produce your own materials. As much of it as you can. If you can grow your own food, start a garden. There are so many creative minds that are not using their potential. Find a way to start a business and bypass higher education. The debt of a failed business in a capitalistic society is worth more than the debt of higher education loans.  

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