Monday, May 16, 2011

Learn a language

Education is a lie: learn a language instead. I have been talking to someone who is unemployed, as I am and has been conscientiously seeking employment--as I am. She has been applying to Delta Airlines and other airlines. The irony is that the language requirement is for Asian languages. Asian languages have a completely different writing system and is not close to the Germanic and Romantic languages that English most closely resembles. I am for education but I question the legality of any corporation discriminating against English speakers in The United States of America. Language interpretors are employed in the so-called "Justice" system and corporations should be required to uphold the same standards. If the job requires an Asian language, they should have Asian language interpretors. Asian languages are usually not offered as part of the U.S. teaching curriculum. It is therefore unfair to ask of any American to have knowledge in such languages. This gives those with the money for private schooling and private lessons an advantage over those in poor areas. In my opinion, it implies that one is Asian. It is amazing that immigrants can come to America, never speak English and become very successful business owners, but Americans--born in the largely monolingual country and with English fluency--cannot find employment. Skip college and invest in a language school or encourage children to participate in a foreign exchange program. 

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